Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Fabric Weigh In

Hello Everyone,

Let me set the stage for this story.  I packed up all of my Christmas fabric yesterday to bring with me to the cabin.  I carefully packed my treasured Christmas fabric into two In Between Stitches bags.  The extra large bag and the next size smaller.  I just left them on the floor in my sewing room for my dear husband to cart downstairs and out to the car.  My husband never complains about anything and rarely will you hear a cross word (unless he's working on the plumbing!)......until yesterday.  He carried a bag in each hand, so at least he was balanced!  What's the problem?  When we arrived at the cabin, he had to carry them again, down the driveway through the snow.  Again, I'm hearing complaints and a few blue words coming from this very mild-mannered man and there was absolutely no plumbing involved!

Under the darkness of dawn, I conducted a weigh in on my antique Standard Computing Scale while dear husband slept.  Here are the contents of extra large bag #1 ready to topple to the counter.

.......drum roll......over 23 lbs of fabric.  After the scale gets to 23, it goes back to Zero.  So I stopped piling it on at 23-1/2.

Medium bag #2 , along with the extra fabric from bag #1....
....over 19 lbs of fabric.  If you notice, the calculations on this old meat scale are in two-cent graduations!  My fabric is worth far more than 2 cents per pound!  My husband begs to differ on that point!

And it all has to go into this little cabinet that I bought for $5.00 at a garage sale a few years ago.  First I had to take out all of the grand kids toys, and put in Grammy's toys.
A couple of hours later and I'm finished....while hubby slept.

The way I look at it is this.  I was conducting a bag strength test for the shop for Melissa and Leslie.  The extra large bag will hold at least 25 lbs and the medium one is good for 20 lbs of fabric.  The very scientific test is complete, let the quilting begin.

As always,

Lynn  a.k.a. "The Bag Lady"


  1. I saw some lovely looking fabrics there. What are you planning with them?

  2. Love the pie safe!! What a deal and the perfect place to store fabric!!

  3. Thats alot of Christmas fabric. You organized it really well. I don't think I could come up with 5lbs. of Christmas fabric.Hope your using some of it on your Christmas Tree quilt. Happy sewing

  4. Hi Lynn,

    I am scared to weigh my Christmas fabrics. I too have been ordering my fun cupboard, which is actually my kitchen pantry, but it is full of fabric. My Christmas fabrics also fall into the greens and reds (I recognized some of the same in your Christmas stash). But, I have two more additions - blues and whites and a separate category for flannels. My blues and whites weigh 8 pounds; flannels, 6; and reds and greens, 10. Do you think there's a man on earth that will carry that for me and not complain?

    Now I'm weighing it out: on one side of the scale 24 pounds of Christmas fabric; on the other cranky man. I think the Christmas fabric wins!

    All in good fun. Thanks for the challenge to weigh Christmas fabric - will others take it up? And I know you've got a gem in Joe, just teasing on the man and fabric front. We have our cupboards, pantries and pie safes, but in many cases they need their own workshop!

    Cheers from Heidi in Canada

  5. I'm laughing because I've put Mr. Squash through this once or twice, but I think if I'd weighed the fabric for him it would have been the last time! Hopefully your hubby has already gotten a "just reward" for his efforts ;>) Enjoy your cabin time!