Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Country Charmer Class is in Session

Hello Everyone,

Just because I took a few days off from blogging doesn't mean I wasn't involved in quilting.  I've been working at the shop and now it's time to get back to blogging. 

Yesterday was the first class session of my new Country Charmer pattern. I told the girls they were my Pattern Test Dummies! PTD's for short, which is better than being a Crash Test Dummy.  They all came through with flying colors and are on their way to making a beautiful quilt.

Madonna had a wonderful assortment of reds and greens for her quilt.  She transformed her fabric from this... this..... this.  Since there are 53 pieces of fabric in the 8-1/2" block, I included a block layout sheet in the pattern.  Once you cut your pieces, you just place them on the layout page.  All is well with the world until you sneeze, and 53 little pieces scatter across the table.

Barbara is starting with a beautiful selection of Jo Morton fabrics. She decided to make the "chain" alternating in red and blue.

Barbara also decided to have two different background fabrics.

I liked the way the girls were thinking outside the box.

Kaye also had a great collection of red and greens.

Kaye loves plaids as much as I do and take a look at her center. 

Lisa is turning her fabric collection from this.... this.  A sweet little block.  All of Lisa's chains are going to be yellow/gold.

Here is Lisa's sashing/border fabric.

The girls have their homework assignments which are due on the 15th of November.  It will be so much fun to see their creations when we meet again next month.

Thank you all for the fun day.

As always,



  1. I can't pick my favorite fabrics, they are all beautiful. What a fabulous pattern!

  2. Great pattern. The first set of red and green is going to look amazing when done, but they are all nice.

  3. I just love seeing how each person interprets a pattern, Lynn! They are each unique and gorgeous! Being a "PDT" myself has defintely taught me not to sneeze in the wrong spot, too!

  4. I like the fabrics you use. I like Party in the Garden the most. You do such a wonderful job.

  5. I would love to take this class with you, but Oregon is a bit far away. If I get energetic enough, I may start this quilt tomorrow, and try to keep up with your group.

  6. What beautiful color choices - all of them!

  7. I love some of the colour choices.

  8. Some many different color choices but they all make a beautiful block. I especially like the idea of the block layout sheet! Wish I could take one of your classes.

  9. Looks like a fun class and a fun quilt.
    I haven't sewn a stitch in days! I'm feeling the withdrawal. Hopefully soon I'll get back before machine.
    Take care...