Monday, October 10, 2011

Minglewood Again

Hello Everyone,

The binding for Minglewood is almost finished. I watched three football games, the nightly news, and 60 Minutes before my arm and hand said, "No More!"  I'll take the quilt to the shop today and finish it between customers. 

This is a queen-size bed, and the quilt covers it with a substantial 'drop' ending about 6 inches from the floor. I'm not going to have to make shams for the pillows, since the quilt also covers them. This quilt will not be hanging on any of my walls.  I don't have a wall big enough to display it!

Thank you all for your wonderful comments on yesterdays post.  There were a couple of you that are set at 'no reply' so I couldn't respond to you personally.

Here is the link to The Four Seasons at Minglewood book by Debbie Roberts.  We also carry it at the shop.  The book contains many projects that you'll love.  The book is well written and contains lots and lots of eye candy!  I learned a lot about quilting while making this quilt.  I also learned a lot about myself.  The most important lesson I learned was, DO NOT TAKE ANY SHORTCUTS.  Let your heart and your instincts guide your choices from fabric, to quilting designs. 

I'm off to work at the shop this morning.  Have a wonderful week everyone.

As always,



  1. You are so right... every bit of the design process is just as important as the other. I am loving seeing this stunning quilt! And the back is just as gorgeous Lynn!

  2. Oh Lynn, this is positively exquisite - as is everything you make! So, so lovely. Can you remind me, please, what line of fabrics you used for this? You have an amazing knack for choosing exactly the right fabrics.

  3. Hi Lynn,

    Sorry I've been out of the loop over the summer. This quilt was a beautiful way to reconnect.


  4. It's just as lovely seeing it displayed like that as it is when you showed close up photos of different blocks.

  5. Your quilting is really amazing, it makes me wish I was close enough to take a class on the way you breakdown a block how you quilt it and why. This is a beautiful heirloom quilt. Just wonderful!

  6. I sure you and Mr. Joe can't wait to dive under Minglewood when the wind is howling and the snow is blowing! Oh heck - why not now! Incredible finish!