Friday, October 21, 2011

Welcome Wagon Yo-Yo Quilt

Hello Everyone,

I do believe I over-dosed on quilting over the past few months and I feel the need to slow down and work at a more relaxed pace.  Time to pull out the yo-yo quilt designed by Kim Diehl.  I've been making yo-yos in the evening and just toss them in a bag.  I need a total of 524 small yo-yos and 64 large yo-yos. 

The bag was getting pretty full and it was time to start putting them together in groups to see how many rows I had.  I need a total of 64 blocks, 8 rows with 8 blocks in each row.  I'm on row #7.  You don't have to think too hard while putting these blocks together......just what I need!

Three "quilty" friends are coming for lunch tomorrow, so it's time to pull out some decorations for autumn beginning with this Summer Wind quilt by Miss Rosie. There is a definite chill in the morning and evening air which lends itself to a nice bowl of soup, salad and a loaf of fresh bread.  Now that I've gotten myself hungry, it's time to go to the store so I can make all of the above!

Take delight in your day and be creative while enjoying your bowl of soup!
As always,


P.S. Penny from Oregon, please send your email address to   I couldn't reply to your nice comment about Country Charmer as your email came to me as a No-reply status. 


  1. You've made a lot of yo-yos!! You are almost there!!! I love the quilt hanging on the wall. So pretty!!!!

  2. Yo-Yos are fun! Enjoy your soup and salad and the quilty playtime!

  3. Oh, I hear ya! I get in a panic when I look at what I have finished the year before. For some insane reason, I feel like I have to finish MORE each year. Then, in the rush to do that, I realize I have forgotten to just slow down and ENJOY what I am working on. Those yoyo's look like just the ticket to help you slow down.

  4. I wish I'd seen this post yesterday, Lynn! I would have brought you some of my homemade Stuffed Pepper soup (wink)! Aren't yo-yo's fun! I know this quilt and can't wait to see your version!