Saturday, March 10, 2012

Christmas Quilt-A-Long Post #5

Hello Everyone,

Last post of the day.  The train is going to be next to the elephant in the stocking and that is all I'm going to show!  I still have to add faces and the elephant needs a trunk.....later.

The quilt is going to be very whimsical and just plain cute with nine appliqued blocks and other enhancements.  It has been so much fun mixing plaids with check, stripes and polka dots.  I love picking out the fabrics to see what mischief I can get into. 

As always,



  1. I am looking forward to seeing this in all its finished glory. I have a question though. When a quilt is almost all applique, how do you quilt it? Do you just do in the ditch, or echo or something else?

  2. Hi Lynn, I'm so glad you are working on this will the pattern be ready to purchase before Christmas? I've been waiting ever since I saw the first block. It is sooo cute, adorable. Debbie

  3. Oh Lynn, this is going to be so cute! I love your fabric choices - those plaids are wonderful!! Could you let me know the name of the pattern?

  4. Very, very cute! I'm enjoying your progress.

  5. To Darling for words....... other then ~

  6. Oh, that is great!! Can't wait to see the finished quilt. Your quilts are always amazing!