Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Opportunity Quilt

Hello Everyone,

The best part of designing quilts, is seeing what other quilters do with my patterns.  The Needle Nellies from Georgetown, California made Party in the Garden for their opportunity quilt this year. I am going to go see this beautiful quilt at their outdoor quilt show in September. I can't wait to see it in person and meet the talented ladies that made it.

The Needle Nellies are committed to raising money for the Georgetown Volunteer Fire Department through opportunity quilt ticket sales.  Check out their website HERE. By supporting their group, you could be a winner, and have their wonderful rendition of Party in the Garden hanging in your home.  If you would like to purchase a ticket to win this quilt, contact:

or call Lynn Tubbe 530-334-3167

Needle Nellies, you made me so happy and proud when I saw this picture! I look forward to the quilt show on September 15th and I know you will sell tons of tickets for the Fire Department.

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  1. What a totally wonderful version of Party in the Garden and for a great cause! Thanks for setting up the link, too!