Friday, March 9, 2012

The Potty Mouth Piecers

Hello Everyone,

Yesterday I popped over to my friends quilting retreat here in Arnold to see what the girls were up to.

You read it correctly, they call themselves the Potty Mouth Piecers! They get together every year about this time and quilt for 5 whole days.  In the past, they have traveled through snow, rain and this year sunshine to get to Kaaren's house and set up shop in her fabulous quilting studio.

Here are the Potty Mouths in person.  Kaaren, Shirley, Denise (A Graceful Stitch), Mauna, and Pam.  When I arrived at 3:30, some of them were still in their jammies.  They were comfortable and having a ball!  I got a chance to see Denise's new winter design.....fabulous!  No pictures, I'll keep you posted when the new design is available for sale.  I told them I wouldn't take a picture of butts or guts, so they all dashed behind the cutting table and struck a nice pose.

Kaaren made these adorable pins for the girls to wear.

They each have their own Vodoo doll named Alice.  When the stitching starts to go haywire, they get a pin.....and know what happens next!  The cutting errors are banished from the room and it's smooth sailing.

Kaaren's quilting studio spans the top level of  a three-car garage.  It is a studio that I've been lusting for since we met. She has workstations set up for everyone.  Three design boards, nice high cutting table, pressing stations, what more do you need?

Now here is the parade of quilts and the creativity in the room.

These were orphaned blocks that Mona adopted and put together for charity quilts.

More orphans....but not for long.

All healthy snacks right down to the baked kale....delicious except for the fact that the green kale gets stuck in your teeth.  But it doesn't matter when you are in your jammies and quilting away.

The girls are breaking with tradition, and will leave their perfect quilting hideaway for a field trip to my cabin this afternoon for appetizers and wine......jammies optional.

As always,



  1. Gorgeous projects!! How fun!! Potty Mouth Piecers is the best name EVER!!! I could be the president of the Potty Mouth Quilter!! No kidding.

  2. Potty Mouth Piecers is the most excellent name EVER! I belong to the Stitching Girls Society and we have a theme song and get together for two official retreats a year and several unofficial gatherings. We go through withdrawal if we spend too much time apart :D What fabulous works of art you have been working on!

  3. Looks and sounds wonderful. I hope you had a good time with them.

  4. Dang, I want to come and play with you all!!!

  5. I want a doll!!!!!!!!!
    Isabelle told me about these and I want one!!!!!!
    Perhaps I shall make one....... :D


  6. OMG - what fun and creativity all in one fabulous room! I even love the healthy snacks!