Sunday, March 18, 2012

Madrigal Machine Quilting Part 2

Hello Everyone,

I received a few comments and personal emails asking about the acrylic templates that I use for machine quilting.  While I was quilting yesterday, I took lots of pictures of them to show you my quilting process. I'm trying to keep track of my time on this one.  I'm not even halfway finished, and I've been working on it for 10 hours.

Let's start with the pieced block.  I use a small circle template to create a uniform shape around the center of the block.

I put a piece of white tape on the template so I can align it perfectly on each seam.

I rotate this circle and quilt around the block in one continuous pass.

I end up where I started and quilt a tight stipple in the light, center section of the block.

I will then use this ruler and stitch in the ditch across the whole row of block in one continuous pass.  I dislike stitching in the ditch as I find it hard to stay in that ditch!

For the center section, I switch to my micro handlebars for the fine, detailed quilting around the applique section of the quilt.
And I do mean small details.

The fabric I used for the vase screamed for crosshatching.  The end result looks like an old satin jewelry box.  After I took this picture, I went back and outlined all of the leaves.

Then I quilted a very irregular spine for the fill-in feathers.

I quilt up one side being careful not to catch in the flange.

Then I quilt up the other side.

Before you know it, the area is starting to look really good.  My irregular spine doesn't look so irregular anymore does it?

Then I work my way up to the top.  The throat space on my machine is only 16", so I will have to go back and finish the top of the block later when I can re-roll the whole quilt.

The embroidery is perfect to add feathers as leaves.

Now I'll show you how I quilt the setting squares using an oval acrylic template.

I center the template and stitch around it.

I quilt feathers up one side, then come back to my starting point by quilting a double spine.

Then I quilt feathers up the inside. The only marking I do on this block is a few dots up the middle of the oval so I can center the middle feathers.

Then I do the same on the other side.  (Opps, I see a bit of a wrinkle.....oh well I won't tell anyone it you don't.)

Then after I'm finished with several rows of very detailed, custom quilting, I have a glass of Potty Mouth wine from Twisted Oak Winery.
You know I am an honorary member of the Potty Mouth Piecers.  I could never do a You Tube video of my quilting....there would be a few censored words!

I'm off to the shop today to fill in for the owner.  No more quilting today, which might be a good thing.  My machine and I both need to take a break from each other!

As always,



  1. I love to see your quilting, it's just so beautiful. Linda

  2. Absolutely gorgeous. Oh how I wish I could do that.

  3. Great tutorial Love the colorway on this one. As always your quilting is beautiful.
    I would be a good candidate for the Potty Mouth Piecers Quilt Group.

  4. Great post, Lynn, and thanks for taking all those photos which I know must be hard when you're in your quilting groove! It's always so nice to see how others use templates in longarming! I'm learning a lot here! Love that Potty Mouth wine - it could probably find a solid market in quilters alone - lol!

  5. You continue to leave me in awe! You're an incredibly talented woman, Lynn.

  6. Love your quilting. I could fit right in with the Potty Mouth quilters. Is that wine available every where or only in the bay area?

  7. Quilting done beautifully! Enjoy your wine and the break from your machine. But don't drink too much and don't be away too long!

  8. What gorgeous quilting! I'm mesmerized by the sequences around the basket area. :) The wine makes me laugh. :D

  9. Thanks Lynn, that was so interesting. I still am in total awe of your skills, not only in the actual quilting, but also in how you come up with exactly the right designs for your quilts.

  10. As always your quilting is an inspiration. Really love this colourway too.
    The Potty Mouth wine and Potty Mouth Quilters made me laugh, I've been in trouble for many , many years for being a bit of a potty mouth when things don't go as they should, so glad to see I'm in good company!!

  11. Oh, and thanks so much for showing which templates and rulers you use to achieve your lovely quilting, as a longarm quilting still learning and improving (hopefully) it's really helpful to see how other quilters do their magic.

  12. What an absolutely gorgeous quilt - and the quilting is unbelieveable!!! And those fabrics - where do I begin. What is the name of the pattern? You may have mentioned it in an earlier post but this is my first visit. Thanks!

  13. What a wonderful tutorial, your close ups are very helpful. Not quite sure how to apply it on my own, but we shall see!