Friday, March 30, 2012

Country Charmer Kits

Hello Everyone,

My last post was about Autumn, this post is about Christmas.  So if you don't want to even think about the Christmas word, stop reading now.

I put a few Country Charmer kits together at the shop, and I liked them so much I decided to buy one!  I have a issue with fabrics, kits, books and quilting notions coming home with me on my workday.  It is a good thing that I only work one day a week.  You know the phrase, Will Work For Fabric.

I thought, I'll just make one block....

....which ended up being two blocks.  I cut the pieces and put them on the block layout sheet and started stitching.

It is so much fun to put kits together.  I get to select checks, polka dots, stripes and plaids from the whole store!  I'm just waiting for some more border fabric to arrive, and the kits will be posted for sale online.  I'll keep you posted when they become available.

I almost always make all of my patterns twice.  One quilt for the shop, and one to travel the country.  This quilt is staying at the shop, and then it will come home to stay for our enjoyment this Christmas.  Oh but wait, I may have a daughter-in-law or two fighting over this one!

Enjoy your day dreaming of sugarplums dancing in your head.

As always,



  1. Oh it's so early! I haven't had coffee, Easter or Halloween yet! But I can see it going to be beautiful.

  2. I will be watching for this quilt kit ! I already have this wonderful pattern and just love the fabric you chose :-D

  3. Christmas, already? Just kidding. The fabrics are wonderful. I had reason to go to one of our two remaining quilt shops a few days ago, to try to find fabrics for the doll quilt exchange I joined. From the moment I walked in the door, it was an assault on the senses - too much discordant color and huge overall design. You have a wonderful eye for fabric and color and your blog is not only a great place for inspiration but one will I know I will enjoy seeing the fabrics used. Beautiful!

  4. Ooh, that is such a tempting thought. Please let me know as soon as the kit is available.

  5. Love the polka dots and I love all the is so pretty together...this quilt is going to be beautiful in Christmas colors....

  6. You make thinking about Christmas this time of year lots of fun, Lynn! I can just picture you - the little fabric elf - running around the store pulling fabrics ;>)