Friday, March 16, 2012

Machine Quilting Madrigal

Hello Everyone,

I got the backing made for Madrigal, and put her on the long-arm yesterday.  As you can see, I quilted directly on the marked line to establish the scalloped border, then filled it with free-motion feathers.

The setting triangles needed something other than feathers, so I went with a double line.  Determining the placement for the lines was easy by lining them up with the seams in the patchwork blocks.

I used an acrylic circle to make this design in the blocks.

I wanted to quilt something really different in the setting squares other than my standard feathered wreath.  I practiced drawing whatever this is called, then went right to the quilting machine.  I used a pointed, oval, acrylic template to establish the shape, then quilted in the feathers.  Since I'm so consistently inconsistent with the number of loops in my feathers, I'm always counting while I'm quilting, and they are still off.  Oh well, in the grand scheme of things, it won't matter.

I'll be quilting on and off throughout the day.  I'll go into the quilting room and complete a row or two.  This quilt will eventually be completed, but it is going to take quite a bit of time.

I hope you all get the chance to slip into your sewing rooms today and have a chance to quilt.  All of the minutes, hours and days add up to a beautiful creation.

As always,


***Note to Kathy who saw The House on Edgewood Lane quilt at the AQS show in Lancaster, PA.  I am unable to respond to your wonderful comment as I don't have your email address.  Please send an email to me directly at 


  1. Madrigal II is going to be a fantastic quilt; wonderful fabrics used and your quilting sets the whole off to perfection.

  2. Lynn, your quilting always amazes me, it is beautiful. Stop being so hard on yourself, why are we all so critical of our own work?

  3. Your machine quilting is just gorgeous ! This quilt is going to be AMAZING !

  4. Gosh - I don't know which I like better - your quilt block designs, or the quilting motifs that go into your blocks, Lynn! I guess I'll just have to settle with like them both the best!

  5. Wonderful quilting as ever. What a delight these are. I'd love to know more about the templates and how you use them.

    While I did slip into the sewing room on more than one occasion it was sadly just to use the computer. To much real world stuff like cleaning that needed done today. Now tomorrow on the other hand... We shall see!

  6. Another masterpiece in the making Lynn. It looks wonderful. I'd love to know how many hours it takes to quilt something like this?