Thursday, February 2, 2023

A Total Breakdown

 Hello Everyone,

There I was, just zipping along on my long arm when it started acting up like a petulant little kid.  All progress on machine quilting Calico Cottage came to a stop as my thread started to shred.

I bought my HandiQuilter in 2006 and it has been a reliable workhorse.....until yesterday.  I performed every maintenance procedure I could think of from changing the needle, the bobbin, and the spool of thread.  I cleaned her bobbin case, oiled her, and patted her on the head a few times, and she still persisted in thread shredding.  Say that 3 times fast!

I called HandiQuilter and was immediately connected to technical support.  It's not terminal, but she needs to go in for an overhaul.  Luckily there is a certified dealer not too far away down in the valley.  She will be in intensive care for about a week before she can come home, hopefully good as new.

This is the quilt that I'm teaching at the Pieceful Gathering in Illinois next month.  I'm leaving on a jet plane (you are welcome for the ear worm) on March 1st.  So, once I get my long arm back, I should have just enough time to finish quilting.  I just might be working on the binding on the plane.

I do have Plan B just in case my long arm is terminal.  I called Susan, the owner of Quail's Nest Quilt Company in Sonora and asked her if I could use her HandiQuilter which is set up in her shop.  She graciously said yes.

So, we are headed out this morning to become 'flatlanders' and deliver the patient to Elk Grove Sew and Vac.  They actually make house calls, but they are 6 weeks out......which is too late.




  1. Great shop Richards avendor for us in October Hope he returns this year

  2. Oh Lynn...Your skills at crisis management are extraordinary!!! Safe travels and I'm crossing all of my parts for s speedy long arm recovery!!!

    1. Ditto to that Paula. I would be a mess.i have no doubt Lynn your quilt will be done. 💕

    2. The repairmen didn't think my long arm is terminal. Hopefully I will get her back next week.

    3. Richard at Elk Grove Sew and Vac is the best. I've needed a house call on mine before, and they are my "go to" for all my machines.

    4. They are the best at Elk Grove Sew and Vac. I picked the machine up yesterday way ahead of schedule.

  3. It's always something!