Friday, April 27, 2012

Yellow Quandry Solved

Hello Everyone,

When in doubt, add more yellow.  Yesterday at this time, I was ready to remove some of the yellow from the baskets.  After I rummaged around in my stash and decided to use this red and white check for the sashing, the quilt needed MORE yellow, not less.  I fussy cut little yellow posts from a small scrap that I had left over.

I made more yellow yo-yo's to fill the baskets. 

I could make yo-yo's all day long and never get tired of them.  Note the little flange.  I had just enough of the flange material left to make the sashings.  I was holding my breath while I was cutting, and barely squeaked by.

Here it is finally, with all of the yellow still there, and now I'm much happier. I knew if I put this quilt away, I wouldn't get back to it, so I stuck with it yesterday.  Now I just have to make the smaller baskets for the four corners and add a border.  The tutorial for the little baskets is posted HERE under the Virtual Classroom tab.

I wanted this quilt to remind me of county fairs, summer picnics, 4th of July, Old Glory, just pure Americana.....and it does all that for me, throw in Motherhood and apple pie too!  Now, what to use for the border?????  Another dilemma that won't get solved today.  I have limited stash at the cabin, and not a scrap of yellow to be found.

Thank you readers for your input to my post yesterday.  Most of you wanted the yellow to stay, and you were right!  Have a wonderful weekend solving those pesky quilting dilemmas.

As always,



  1. You go girl! I am so glad you kept the yellow, the whole thing just sings " summer".

  2. Oh my! Sheer perfection, Lynn. I love the sashing and extra bits of yellow here and there. This quilt screams my name. Love it!

  3. One can never have too much yellow in my wotld. Your quilt is wonderful. It picnics and summertime and motherhood all wrapped up in a perfect package.

  4. Just the PERFECT sashing ! You can never go wrong with Red & White Check ;-) LOVE IT ! SO glad you stuck with it and did not put it away. What a wonderful summertime quilt !

  5. Wow, you're quilt is beautiful, I love the extra yellow.

  6. I'm so happy you kept the yellow, Lynn! It looks fantastic!

  7. It looks amazing!! Great decision!!

  8. As always, you were right about the yellow. I'd have taken it out, but that's why you're such a brilliant scrappy quilter and I am not!

    It looks wonderful.

  9. That looks just great. Really beautiful. I love that the fabric and design look true to each other, just right.