Thursday, April 26, 2012

And Then There Were Nine

Hello Everyone,

I finished making five additional blocks for Buttonwood.  This picture is telling me to remove the yellow in the borders around two of the blocks.

I like just a touch of yellow in the baskets themselves, but the yellow in the outside frame is playing havoc with the fabric that I selected for the sashings and posts.

I've auditioned multiple fabrics for the sashing, and it all boils down to the pesky yellow.

This yellow border has to GO!

I may keep this yellow.....

It is decision time today.  Or, I'll put these blocks away and work on Country Charmer for awhile and maybe I will have a brilliant idea on what to do with Buttonwood.

Wish me luck!

As always,



  1. HMMMM - I'll be anxious to see what you decide to do. I do love all the blocks!

  2. Isn't it great what a photo wil tell you? I know you'll figure out the best solution! Have fun!

  3. I love the yellow. I would add another....grin.

  4. Taking a picture really makes a difference when deciding your fabric doesn't it. I really like the yellows too :-D

  5. I really like the yellow in there; maybe place them opposite catty-corner from each other. If you really like all the blocks, add more blocks with maybe just one more yellow so you will have an odd number of yellows. When in doubt, I always add more blocks. I think that means I will really love the quilt. Stephani in TX (

  6. I agree. I think the yellow fabric around that block is gorgeous, but it's too yellow with the other blocks. It is going to look gorgeous though, lovely and summery and soft.