Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Clashing Design Wall

Hello Everyone,

I have been working, honest.  Now that Easter is behind us, I can spend much more time in the quilting room instead of the kitchen and the rest of the house and yard.

My granddaughter Emily was over the other day, and she picked out fabric for two County Charmer blocks.  She has a good eye for combining fabrics and went straight to the plaid.  (I've trained her well). We enjoyed our time together while her little sister Kinsey had a date with the dentist.  Only eight more blocks then it's sashing and nine-patch time.

I must have a touch of ADD which you can call Attention Deficit Disorder or Attention to Detail Disorder since I like to work on two or three projects at a time.  I get bored working on the same quilt day after day.  So I change things up from Autumn to Christmas in my sewing room.  It works for me even though the process is probably slower switching gears, but that's the way I work.

Four of my quilts will be at the Machine Quilters Exposition in Providence, Rhode Island starting tomorrow, April 11th.  They will be hanging in The Christmas Shoppe booth manned by Mary Jane Carey.  I went to the link and watched the slide show of quilts.......OMG........they are gorgeous!  Talk about inspirational. 

Tonight is the class preview party at the Purple Orchid Inn for In Between Stitches.  All of the instructors will show the quilts that we will be teaching throughout the summer.  If you would like to attend, please call the shop to reserve your spot.

It is going to be a rainy week here in California.  Just perfect quilting weather!

As always,



  1. Emily has a great eye for fabric . Just love your Christmas and fall quilt ! Keep dry and happy sewing !

  2. How wonderful your quilts will be on display at MQX!! I will be attending the one in Portland this fall...will you be there? Enjoy the rainy weather...get lots done! :)

  3. Whew, I understand working multiple projects at once but I'd have to clear one of those out pretty quickly if they were both on my wall. I don't have ADD per se but a probably a touch of OCD and it would make me uncomfortable until I made it all "look" better! LOL

    Hope your quilts do well at the MQS in RI. :)

  4. That's the kind of clashing I like, Lynn! Sure wish I could go to MQX this year - maybe Portland next year and see your quilts there ;>)

  5. Your quilts are certainly becoming well travelled.
    As for your design wall, I'd be struggling if I had to say which I love most.

  6. Wow Wee how cool that not one but four of your quilts will be off to a show. That's great, the last time I was at a quilt show my favorite quilt was in a vendor booth.