Monday, April 23, 2012

My Goals for the Week

Hello Everyone,

I always make a list of goals for my day and then I have a weekly list.  Here is a visual of my weekly tasks that I've charted out for myself.

First on the list, is making more baskets for Buttonwood.  I'm incorporating more yellow into the mix.

I need to make five more baskets, and a couple of those baskets will be yellow.  This looks pretty 'muddy' since I don't have the sashing fabric up on the design wall. But you get the picture.  This is going to be a cheerful quilt that I'll display at the shop for awhile, then I'll bring it home and display it for all patriotic holidays.

I also want to make two more blocks for Country Charmer and get the borders attached.  Almost done!  I can't wait to have this one on display for Christmas.

I'm "on the fence" with October Magic.......pun intended.  My little crooked fencing sections are all ready to be appliqued.

I set lofty goals with the hope of accomplishing half of what I planned.  But half is better than nothing!

What is on your list?

As always,


P.S.  Patty, I couldn't reply to your email since you are a "no-reply" status. In answer to your questions, yes, I am putting kits together at the shop for Country Charmer identical to the one I'm making.  The border fabric hasn't arrived yet, so the kits aren't quite ready. 


  1. I can't wait to see October Magic finished it's looking pretty cool....

  2. I'm in love with the new version of Buttonwood. You have such a eye for the perfect placement of color. Yum!!!

    Country Charmer is - well - charming! :-)

    Love the cute fence in the October Magic block.

  3. Gosh - maybe I would get more done if I made lists, Lynn! Both quilts are coming along so beautifully! And I adore the little crooked fence on October Magic - you really have me going with this one! So let's see - today I work with the irrigation guy on turning the water back on, go for my daily walk, sew some more star blocks and get dirty in the vegetable garden!

  4. Lynn, the more I follow your blog, the more I love your work! Your projects are simply amazing and I love the colors you choose to put together. I am a list person too,but my lists can be a little overwhelming at times. From one list person to another,you certainly inspire me. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Lynn,

    Thank You! I received your message about kitting Country Charmer and will look forward to their completion so I can purchase mine. I so appreciate your efforts to get your reply to me...Thank you again!

  6. I just love ALL of your quilts Lynn! You really have a eye for color ! I also make lists but this nice weather has kept me outside in my gardens .

  7. Half is certainly better than nothing. Plenty of time left on the Christmas quilt too, though for the record I was the one just blown away that April is nearly over!

  8. Hi Lynn, These quilts are amazing you are amazing. The fabrics used in Buttonwood are they Minnick and Simpson and will you have kits for this please say yes! I can't wait to see more of October Magic I love applique.Debbie From Delaware P.S. How's Toyland coming along?LOL not too busy are you.

  9. Lots of quilts to quilt are on my list. Just love your projects!