Saturday, April 14, 2012

Christmas Quilt Along - Post #3

Hello Again,

My sister Gail and I are having a great time totally engrossed in our quilting.  I finished another Country Charmer block, without a mistake this time!  I actually had to really pay attention to get all of my stripes going in the right direction.

I stopped making blocks and started making sashing and nine-patches. This quilt is going to be very festive.  I can see from this picture that I need to incorporate more greens into the mix.

Gail has been working on pinwheels for her Winterset quilt. She spent most of yesterday cutting, and cutting, and cutting so all she had to do today was sew, and sew, and sew.  She is having a ball!  It isn't often that she gets to spend the majority of her day quilting and only quilting.

She has twelve of the big blocks finished for Winterset.  She is enlarging the pattern, so she is almost doubling the amount of blocks in the original quilt.

Gail and I have taken control of the dining room table since Wednesday.  We set up a card table for meals in front of the wood burning stove.  We all feel like we've been relegated to the "kid's table."
Oh well, at least we are warm while we eat!

As always,

Lynn & Gail


  1. Love your Country Charmer and also your sister's blues. The kid's table sounds like fun:)

  2. Your Country Charmer quilt is coming along so well! It is stunning! And your sister's quilt is also amazing. You two are very talented!

  3. You don't muck about once you get together, you two, do you?! Love the blues, and your country charmer.

    Us kids sat at the little table when all the family came for holidays - a coupla' stools and a coffee table, as I recall. Don't know if I sat there now if I could get up again!

  4. Your sister's Winterset blocks look lovely. It seems as though she has the same talent for quilting as you do.