Friday, April 20, 2012

Quilt Updates

Hello Everyone,

Friday, already?  The week slipped away without a great deal of quilting to show for it.  I did make some more blocks for Country Charmer.

Just six more blocks to go, then I can focus on the sashing and 9-patches.

In the evening I sit and applique October Magic.  There are quite a few more components that need to be appliqued in this center area along with the windows on the house, plus a ghost, black cat, more pumpkins, picket fence, get the idea....this is far from completion.

All quilting came to a screeching halt when I decided to do a thorough housecleaning in my sewing room.  I bought this postal sorter in an antique shop quite a few years ago and it's perfect for fat quarters.  But, they collect dust......lots of dust.

Our son came over and helped us rearrange the room.  It was great having an extra set of hands combined with his muscle that we needed to wrestle this unit around.  Now that the space is all tidy and organized, I don't want to leave my little quilting nest. 

 My space isn't a grand quilting studio.  It is just a bedroom that our helpful, 'moving' son occupied until he left for college almost two decades ago.  He thinks the room looks much smaller now.  He gets a bit miffed when he sees a design wall where his team pennants and posters used to hang.  It is funny that he still thinks of the room as his.

My point is, you don't need to have a grand space to be creative.  More often than not, I move my sewing machine to the kitchen table and I'm just as happy being there.  Work with what you have, from your space, to fabric, to quilting supplies and sewing machine.  The important thing is, no matter what your circumstances are in life, you can be wonderfully creative, productive and happy.

Quilters can do anything!

As always,



  1. Is it possible to purchase this pattern somewhere?

  2. Your Country Charmer Quilt is really coming along ! I have your lovely pattern and am looking forward to making it !

  3. Country Charmer is really coming alive, Lynn! And I adore October Magic so far! Do you know that house looks a lot like the Squash House?! Your Fat Quarter stacker is wonderful! I know how it feels to get re-organized - I did that recently and now feel much more creative!

  4. Great post Lynn, so often we have a tendency to think ,"Oh, I can't do that until....), that's why I like the Nike motto, Just do it.
    Country Charmer is living up to its name, hopefully I will be able to start mine soon.
    Take care, and keep up the great work.

  5. I love your projects and really enjoy seeing them grow. And yes, quilters can do that!

  6. Lynn,

    Were you creating kits in the red/green color way for your Country Charmer pattern? It is stunning!!