Saturday, April 14, 2012

Christmas Quilt Along - Post #2

Hello Everyone,

I'm working on my Country Charmer quilt today. I've already made one, which is on display at the Machine Quilters Exposition today in Providence, Rhode Island.  I'm making another one as a shop sample for In Between Stitches, then it will come home with me at Christmas.

There are 53 pieces of fabric in each block.  To make life easier, I made a block layout sheet which is included in each pattern.

What is wrong with this picture?  I can't believe I did this.  I can't believe that my sister didn't see it either when we were admiring the block.  I didn't notice it until I downloaded the picture to the blog.  Why is it that you can see so much more in a picture than you can when you are actually looking at the block in real life?  I've had this happen before.....but I'm not going to tell you just how many times this has happened.

With seam ripper in hand, it is all fixed and sewn back together.  What an idiot!

Now back to sewing I go.

As always,



  1. Ha! I think that has happened to us all - and I don't spot boo boos before I post photos either!

  2. hey, welcome to my world! At least you noticed before you had sewn the block into the top.

  3. Last time I did something stupid I made a table topper and had a whole piece for the back. When I went to trim the extra off I cut wrong. So now I have a seam on the back. So then I had to cut another piece to sew on and I cut it wrong AGAIN. And now I have two seams on the back.....what a dummie...but it did make me laugh.....

  4. At least you found it in time! I do the same thing...I don't notice an error until I am looking at a picture of it...not sure why. So now,if I'm sewing a tricky block,I try to take a picture of my layout first and sew later. It is a beautiful block!

  5. Oh my gosh, Lynn, I just returned from the MQX East. I'll have to go through my pictures to see if I have one of your quilt. I wish I had known and I would have gone straight for it. There were so many beautiful quilts and examples of fmq.

  6. Don't you just hate it when that happens. At least you caught it now and not when it was prepped for the quilter! That would be an Argggg moment for sure.

  7. It took my about 8 minutes to spot that! It was making me crazy because I just couldn't see it! It is beautiful, tho!