Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Full Cornucopia

Hello Everyone,
I've been quietly designing and working on one of the blocks for the new quilt.  I spent part of a day drawing and a whole day preparing colorful, applique pieces for the cornucopia.

This is what the block looked like yesterday morning once I decided on the colors. Selecting the colors for any quilt is probably my favorite part of the whole quilting process.  I love it! I look for colors that sing to each other and to me.  Except for the green lime, the fabrics are in perfect harmony. (There always has to be one in the crowd!)

I had a little heartburn working on the edge of the basket.  I tried using the basket fabric first, but it just didn' look right, so I switched to the gold polka dot.  I will embroider around the gold fabric with a darker gold floss to enhance the cable effect.  The pear fabric is just perfect!

I embroidered here on the basket of flowers.

When selecting fabrics for applique, LOOK, really look at your fabrics.  The detail in the leaves surrounding the pumpkin is just perfect and gives them dimension.  I made 25 grapes while catching up on Season One of Call the Midwife. This is an excellent series based on the memoirs of Jennifer Worth, set in the 1950's in the East End of London.  I'm totally hooked by the story line, the acting, the costume design and the music.  This is an intelligent series that I've enjoyed immensely.  Watching the show makes quick work of my grape stomping!

I love having an applique project to stitch at keeps me awake!



  1. You're the midwife for your new quilt, Lynn!!!

  2. I don't know what I was saying the cornucopia is beautiful.....the colors are perfect.....

  3. Lynn, It's perfect! You amaze me!

  4. Wow! Your design is exquisite! Applique would keep me up all night too, but it would be out of frustration, giggle! Your fabrics are really perfect...even the lime green looks good to me! I watched the TV series awhile back and really enjoyed it...perfect to watch while in my quilting chair.

  5. Grape stomping without purple feet - what a great idea, Lynn! I sure get a lot of color inspiration from you! The fabrics and colors you picked for your cornucopia almost look good enough to eat!

  6. Oh yes, I love that programme too. The second series was just as good as the first, which isn't always the case I find, but for us it was compulsory Sunday evening viewing.

    Do you have any tips on how to make circles circular? Mine keep coming out with pointy bits!