Sunday, June 16, 2013

More Quilting Components

Hello Everyone,
Yesterday I made some more components to arrange and rearrange.  In the previous post, the components were 3" square.  This post includes components that are 2" square.  
2" components yielding a 9" block

3" components yielding a 9" block

Now the fun begins with arranging the components.  I added a Y-block to my component list.  This block looks full of triangles, but I never used a single triangle.  I only cut squares and rectangles.

This blocks adds a 4-patch component.

I had parts and pieces all over my kitchen table giving me endless blocks.  The only constant was the center block and dividing strips.

This arrangement would give me lots of space for some nice quilting.

I'm not crazy about this arrangement, but I wanted to include it in the mix for variety.

Over the past two days, I've shown you six different quilting components. The quarter-square triangle, 4-patch, flying geese, corner square triangle, square in a square, and half-square triangles.  I have several more components that require formula testing to create all different sizes.  My poor little calculator has been working overtime the past few days.  I have pages of notes and lists of fairly intricate blocks that I want to make by breaking the block down section by section, or component by component......with no triangles to cut (except for the square in a square, I haven't figured a way around that one yet!)  I feel a sampler quilt in my future.

Today is family day.  Our son is cooking ribs for Mr. Joe and for the whole family.  It's going to be a great pot-luck with all the good cooks in our family.



  1. I'm blown away. This will make a great book! I'm hoping your class will be an evening class. :o) Elaine

  2. I'm nearly dizzy with all those wonderful combinations! I think I need some ribs to calm me down ;>) Enjoy your day, Lynn!

  3. Gosh Lynn, I wouldn't know where to start with these blocks.
    All gorgeous!

  4. Holy moly...that's a whole lot of beautiful blocks! Bet you're running out of graph paper! Thanks for sharing these...really interesting to see the pieces come together to form such pretty blocks.

  5. These are such pretty blocks. I really love watching your projects. :)