Sunday, June 23, 2013

Quilting Components for the New Class

Hello Everyone,
I made a couple more blocks out of quilting components and here they are.  I didn't play around too much with the first one.  This one is all HST's and square in a triangle.

Here's blocks #2.  The components are a square in a square,  double flying geese, and a square in a triangle.

I played around with the components a lot on this one.

What appears to be a 4-patch in the first two versions are the double flying geese which you can see in the photo below.

Then I turned them another way.  Actually I like this version the best and on second thought, this should have been the final resting place of the components, but I can never leave well enough alone.

Here are my final four.....but I'll probably make a few more variations since I have to add a couple of more components to the class.  Each block finishes at 9" x 9".

I'm still working on the reference manual with the formulas and techniques for making the different components.  It's been slow going.  I filled in at the shop yesterday and I'm teaching Toyland Tree today.  I'll have some uninterrupted sewing time during the week.  Happy Sunday everyone.



  1. The blocks are lovely. I absolutely love Block 1!

  2. Sometimes the most simple of components can make a striking block like the first one - and the best part - no Y seams! I'm drooling over all your gorgeous color selections, Lynn!

  3. Lovely blocks. We did this in one of our guild meetings (but simpler components) to show how a cute sampler could be made with these 12" blocks.

  4. For a slow goer, you sure got a lot accomplished! Each block is sure pretty!

  5. They're all great blocks, especially the first one. I think this is going to be a great class.