Thursday, June 6, 2013

Extreme Makeover Part Two

Hello Everyone,
I survived the furniture move yesterday. 

Some of the furniture had to go out on the front porch.  Here's Chelsea Cottage by Blackbird Designs hanging over Grandpa Wilder's old rocker.  The table is a wagon wheel placed in a milk can with a piece of thick acrylic for the table top.  See, I told you we have a bunch of junk stuff that we've been collecting.  Our kids aren't very happy with us when they see one of our new "finds".  They look at them as just more stuff to sell at a huge garage sale down the road.  My mom painted the little footstool when she was taking painting classes years ago.

The girls will be greeted by a sign that Mr. Joe made out of wine barrel staves.  I found the chalkboard at an antique shop. The grandkids love to draw on this.

Here's the after picture.  It wasn't trivial moving everything around.  Mr. Joe grudgingly helped me get his favorite recliner out on the deck while muttering just how much he likes his comfy old chair.

Zinnie wanted to be in the picture. She was confused to see everything moved around.  But in the move, we found some of her lost doggie toys.   

My favorite spot to sew is in the dining room.  Here's a picture in winter when I'm surrounded in snow.  I feel like I'm one of those little characters in a snow globe.  (Mr. Joe would say I'm a character!)  I sit at the table and design, applique and quilt.  In fact, this is where I'm sitting right now while writing this post.....without all the snow!

Today is baking day.  We have to have our dessert after a long day of quilting.  I'll post pictures and recipes over the next few days of the retreat.  Maybe I can have one or two of the girls be guest bloggers too.



  1. It all looks just delightful - oh, that would be fun to hear 'first hand' from some of your re-treaters!

  2. Don't feel alone...our kids look at our goodies in much the same way. I feel so much better knowing that your sewing spills over into the rest of your house. I'm not going to feel so guilty about it anymore!
    And Joe...just think what a lovely afternoon you can enjoy on the deck in your favorite chair in the fresh air. Sounds heavenly to me!

  3. You did a great job setting up the tables ! What a great time by all ! Looking forward to seeing more

  4. It looks like your space has doubled over night! I think your quilters will be very comfortable and very happy...and I know that sister Gail is making your chocolate chip cookie recipe so I'd say you must be almost ready for the crowd. Your quilt is so beautiful and your welcome sign is just right! Are you going to be able to sleep tonight, or are you too excited??

  5. It's just perfect! I can hear the hum of sewing machines and the smell of baked goods already! How happy Zinnie must have been to find her lost toys, too! Have a great time!

  6. So beautiful - you can't help but create great things in a space like this!

  7. How much fun to be at a retreat in the cabin. It sure does look like an inspiring place to me. And I sure do not see any "junk".
    Cannot wait to see photos of your fun time.
    Love the log cabin quilt!