Thursday, June 20, 2013

Quilting Components

Hello Everyone,
I've been working on my quilting component blocks for my new class.

I started by making four different components for this block.  I made quick work of the HST triangles by making eight at a time.  The quarter-square triangles also go together quickly as do the squares in a triangle.  I also made the flying geese 4 at a time.  I measure each and every component for accuracy before I sew them together into a block to make sure they are the correct size.

The second block went together a little bit faster.  The most difficult and time consuming part is deciding what fabrics to include.

This block required four squares in a triangle, eight quarter-square triangles and four 4-patch units.

I think the blocks are going to look fabulous together!  I've been busy working on the directions for the reference manual that I'll be using in the class.  I'm trying to design an easy to follow manual that includes formulas for all of the components and their piecing techniques, and sample blocks. 

I've been kicking this class idea around for quite some time. The more time I spend teaching in the classroom, the more I have the opportunity to observe how quilters approach quilting.....and how they learn.  I want to begin with basic blocks and build on that knowledge to create intricate blocks that really aren't that difficult.  The blocks look full of triangles.....but there isn't a single triangle in either block.

If you don't hear a peep out of me for a few days, just know that my hands are busy creating more components for you to make into glorious blocks!



  1. These blocks are stunning and will look awesome together!! Another winner!

  2. Stunning, awesome, absolutely beautiful! These are the comments from the first two commenters, and I sure agree! I'll add one more...fabulous!

  3. Lovely blocks and colours. You are oh so clever.

  4. Love them..
    You just have a way of putting blocks together.
    Julia ♥

  5. Your students will come away with a wealth of knowledge and probably do a lot more quilting once they find out just how easy the blocks are to make once you know the components! I certainly hope you fortify yourself with a brownie or a nice glass of wine now and again while you're working ;>)

  6. This has been a very educational series, thanks for sharing the process, looking forward to seeing where it leads