Friday, June 28, 2013

The Scarecrow

Hello Everyone,
I'm moving right along on the new quilt.  The scarecrow is now ready for some evening stitching time.  This scarecrow looks like it is wearing an ascot and a smoking jacket which isn't a good idea in a field full of hay!


The little flowers are the tiniest of petals.  I'll tuck in all of the loose threads with my needle when the time comes.

I found some great fabric that looks like straw poking out of his arms and legs.

In case you are wondering, the scarecrow is going to be close to the barn, so he can run and hide when the crows show up.

Speaking of crows, we've had a "murder of crows" at the cabin this week.  Apparently that name came from folklore as the crows decide the fate of another crow.   They have been so noisy and we can hear their powerful wings flap, flap, flap as they fly over us while we are trying to get some peace and quiet out on the deck.  Zinnie has been outside staring at them and will throw in an occasional bark to silence them.....which lasts for about a second.

Busy weekend planned for us.  Our youngest grandson turns 5 today and is having a big birthday party tomorrow.  I also have to prepare for my class next Tuesday.  I still have a couple of spots available in my For The Love of Baskets class at In Between Stitches.  This is a great quilt to use up lots and lots of scraps.  I also have kits available at the shop that are identical to the fabrics I used in the baskets. We haven't kitted the rest of the quilt, only the fabric for the 120 baskets.

This quilt is actually quite just make the same block 120 times!  You will become an expert making HST 8 at a time by the end of the class.

Our weather person predicted 6 straight days of 100+ degree temperature.  I'm glad I'm not working on a binding.  Have a wonderful weekend and stay cool.



  1. I may have to send my fire jumping niece out when the scarecrow lights up, Lynn! And it sounds like he's a scardey-crow if he has to hide in the barn! I just love all the perfect detail you've included! I hope by now Zinnie has scared away the murder of crows! They can be so nasty! We have the same weather - 100 tomorrow and climbing steadily after! I stocked up on popsicles today! Keep cool!

  2. What a very smart scarecrow in his smoking jacket. I hope your weather hasn't been too horrific. On the news here last night they said it was going to reach 106 - yukk.

    I bet it didn't spoil the party though - kids just don't seem to notice the heat too much do they?

  3. Your scare crow is rather dapper I agree, but I'm sure if you choose he could look a bit rougher. I adore your barn.

  4. You have the cutest scare crow I have ever seen! So neat and tidy...even that pretty straw poking out of his sleeves! Hope it was a wonderful birthday party. Sorry to hear about that heat wave...try to stay cool as best you can and have fun in your class on Tuesday. Bet the ladies are excited!

  5. Your scarecrow is cute as can be and I love the barn, but the flower basket quilt captured my heart. It is lovely. And the scalloped borders are amazing.

  6. Love the scarecrow.....can't wait to make this quilt....I really love it....

  7. That quilt is just gorgeous!
    The scarecrow is so cute. Love the roof on the barn.

  8. The scarecrow caught my eye - and then I saw the barn - LOVE the roof!!