Friday, June 21, 2013

Best of Show for a Sew Knotty Quilter

Hello Everyone,
I got an email yesterday from my friend Barbara, which made me drop everything and rush off to the Alameda County Fair.  The message said:
"We scored! 1st for Buttonwood and October Magic, 1st and best of show for Madrigal. What a team!"
Sew Knotty Quilter
Barbara won Best of Show for Madrigal at the fair!

She also won a 1st place for Buttonwood.

Last but not least, another 1st place for October Magic.  The quilt was locked behind glass doors making it close to impossible to get a good picture.

The machine quilting by Beth Hummel, was pretty amazing on all of Barbara's quilts.  When Barbara gets this quilt back from the fair, I'll get some close-ups of all the details both Barbara and Beth added that really enhanced the quilt.  I can't design patterns fast enough for Barbara.  She can finished a quilt in a nanosecond!

Melody, another Sew Knotty Quilter also entered quilts into the fair.  The colors of this quilt are so rich and lush.

Melody received a 3rd place for this Bunny Hill design.  I was at the shop the day she selected her fabrics.  It's so much fun for me to see a bag of fabrics made into a beautiful quilt from a class she took at In Between Stitches.  Melody selected all different machine applique stitches for each of the houses.

I love this design too.  This one would look great at the cabin.  I'd better stop lounging around and make one!

Great job by both of you girls.  You make all the Sew Knotty Quilters proud to know you!


  1. Congratulations ladies - wow, how exciting!

  2. Congratulations everyone!!!!!!!
    Way to go !!!!!!!!

  3. Congratulations ladies! These are some beautiful quilts. October Magic is on my hope to get to in 2014 list.

  4. Congratulations! These quilts are fabulous. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Congratulations to both gals! Oh, Lynn, how wonderful it must be to see your designs made so well and place in a show! I would have dropped everything and ran to the fair, too!

  6. Congrats to the ladies...and to you for designing the quilts.

  7. How exciting for all of you! Good work! The quilts are great. Thanks for sharing the photos with those who live far from you, but enjoy your lessons and process you take as you design your projects. Just lovely!

  8. Wow...Lynn you should be proud......

  9. Wow, Wowww and WOWWWWWW again. Well done to the designer, the quilter and the LA quilter.