Friday, August 19, 2022

Bears Can't Drive

Hello Everyone,

It finally happened; a bear broke into our car. 

In a mental lapse, we didn't lock and alarm our car.  When I went out early yesterday morning to head to the pool, I saw an open door and Mazie's overnight bag on the driveway.  Her bag contained an extra leash, bottles of water, her hairbrush, medicine, and a small bag of dog food. You guessed it, the dog food is gone.  The medicine was for her incontinence, so I guess the bear will not be peeing in the woods three times a night!  

Years ago, in error Mr. Joe took the canine hormone pills instead of his own pills. He stopped scratching behind his ears!  This entire episode was especially funny because Mr. Joe was a Pharmaceutical Salesmen his entire career.  He's never lived this down, and it made the Christmas newsletter that year.

We were so lucky the bear just ate the dog food and didn't destroy the inside of the car looking for goodies.

It was nice of him/her to open the door for me! 

The move is winding down and this should be the final weekend.  I've been so busy boxing and reboxing items to store and getting the cabin in some sort of presentable shape.  This coming week I'll be finalizing all preparations for my Sew'n Wild Oaks retreat.  The quilters will be flocking north, just like geese for arrival on Sunday the 28th of August. 

The tutorials are done, and the handouts are printed.  Now I just have to get myself in order.

On another note, we went to see Where the Crawdads Sing.  I loved the book, and the movie didn't disappoint. It was good to have an evening out with Mr. Joe which included dinner at an Irish pub in Murphys.  Brad Paisley was in town for a concert, so every other person was sporting a cowboy hat except for Mr. Joe.  There was a total of 4 people in the movie theater.  If there hadn't been another couple, we could have "made out" just like the old days.




  1. Good thing the keys weren't left in the car, or the bear would have driven off with your car.

  2. The best make out seats are in the back of the theater, the other people probably wouldn't have noticed. Happy stitching!

  3. Oh Lynn,
    You know they say "things happen in threes"? This year makes up for all prior uneventful ones... stay safe my friend. Looking forward to seeing you in October.

    1. October will be here before we know it! I'm looking forward to seeing you and the girls.

  4. OMG so glad you can see tge humor in this! Looking forward to the retreat!