Saturday, August 27, 2022

If you go out in the woods today.......

Hello Everyone,

Well hello Mr. Bear!  Just when all of my quilters start coming into town for my retreat, the bears come out in force!

Mr. Joe and I were out on our side deck when we saw this fellow walking through the woods. We see this bear on a weekly basis.  He has such distinctive markings with the patch of gold across his shoulders.

Our neighbor thinks this bear weighs about 600 pounds.  How can he tell?  I hope he's not looking at me with a critical eye and guesses my weight!

Last night we went down to Snowflake Lodge for dinner and this smaller bear ran in front of the car.
This is the time of year they start bulking up for winter.  So many "bear proof" garbage bins have been raided, and trash is strewn about.  The bears are getting pretty smart, smarter than the average bear!

It was a beautiful night for dinner on the deck at Snowflake.  Mr. Joe realized that I needed to get away from the retreat preparations and relax for a bit.

.....and I did relax after the 2nd glass of wine.




  1. Very nice! Hope you enjoyed your dinner and had time to relax, but yet keep that eye open for bears that want to join you for dinner!

  2. I'd be having that second glass of wine not just to relax, but to calm me down from the bear!! Joe is a good man to know that you needed a break, Lynn!

  3. Mr. Bear is sure a brave fellow. I guess when you are 600 lbs there isn't much to be afraid of. Enjoy your retreat!