Friday, June 17, 2011

Back to Minglewood

Hello Everyone,

Minglewood I've missed working on you! On my one workday at the quilt shop, I try to select fabric for two more blocks between waiting on customers and doing other quilt shop things that need to be done.  Last Monday, I had enough time to select the fabric, next Monday I will get it all cut, packaged and labelled for everyone that has enrolled in the block of the month.  Details for the Minglewood Monday BOM  HERE.  The first gorgeous packets of fabric will ship out on the 15th of July.

This block is one of my favorites and it is called Double X.  I'll make another one today in a different colorway.  This is just too much fun deciding which beautiful fabric to put where.  The next Double X block incorporates some green and purple.

This block is called Christmas Star....and it has always been one of my favorite blocks.  I've learned so much while making these blocks and have really fine-tuned my piecing skills. (Mainly because I know everyone can click on the block, and you can zoom in to see how it really looks, close and personal!)

Each month through the duration of the BOM program, I will include my tips and tricks on block construction here on my blog. One of the tips is how do you get all of the stripes to go in the same direction. I have to have all of my stripes marching like little soldiers in the same direction no matter what quilt I on. Anal YES, but that is just how I am.

On another note, I was totally overwhelmed with the number of ladies that would like to be pattern testers.  I try to answer a few emails each and every day, so be patient with me.  I will be selecting three pattern testers for the Christmas quilt that I think I'm going to name Country Charm. Marie Beers, please contact me via email, as you were a no reply status on your comment.

I hope each and every one of you have a wonderful day matching up seams!

As always,


P.S. If you go to the LABELS section on the left-hand side of the blog and click on Minglewood Monday, you will be able to view every block in the program that I've made so far.


  1. I've got my fingers well and truly crossed that I can be a pattern tester, as I love that quilt and just have a feeling you're not planning to send yours to me as a Christmas pressie!!!! Otherwise I'm just going to have to buy the pattern.

  2. Hi Lynn! We've been gone for a few days only to come back and see how busy you've been! Minglewood is going to be a show stopper for sure! I'm glad you've gotten a lot of interest for pattern testers! I would love to do it but am testing for another designer - and need to leave time for myself (wink)!