Friday, June 10, 2011

Organizational Skills

Hello Everyone,

Not much quilting going on here, but a lot of organization is happening.

It all started when I knew I had the perfect red with white polka dots for this block, but I couldn't find it.  Don't you hate it when that happens?  Well, l I found the red and white polka dots and made another block for the Christmas quilt.  Then all sewing stopped when my organizational skills kicked in.

So one thing led to another, a trip to Lowes to buy more storage containers....twice.  My sewing room is completely turned upside down, but I'm feeling good about the process.  This week I'm only going to fold and organize the yardage, fat quarters will just have to wait their turn. 

I told you I love plaids!  Yards and yards of plaids and I'm not done folding for this bin yet.  Speaking of folding, I've been folding the yardage around my long ruler.  I fold, fold, fold, then slide the ruler out the side, then fold the yardage over to make the sizes all uniform.  It is just the perfect size for the bins.  I can now see all of my fabrics!  The hardest thing is moving the bins around.  They are extremely heavy.

Some of my fat quarters are stored in this wonderful old mail sorting unit that I found in an antique store years ago.  This was the perfect find for the sewing room. 


I have time for some more sorting, folding and admiring my fabric closet this morning before four of my little "grandkidlets" come over for a picnic.  School is out and it's playtime at Grammy and Poppy's house for a few hours.  Would it be against child labor laws if I put them to work in my sewing room?

As always,



  1. Is this post for me, Lynn? It could be for sure! I've been struggling with how to organize my stash - and this was a huge help! I can't wait to see what you do with your fat quarters - and we're going antiquing next week! Have fun with the little ones - I think if you reward them with ice cream or cookies, you won't be breaking any child labor laws (wink)! Oh -- and Hi to Harleigh if she's there!

  2. Congrats Lynn on getting SO organized ! I love your technique with the ruler Great idea ! Now you can come and organize my sewing room ;-)

  3. Great storage ideas, I love that mail sorter. Good luck on getting everything organized.

  4. If you have a problem with all that fabric, let me help. My address is ....
    Seriously, it all looks very well organised and it'll be so easy to find things.

    Hope you had a great play time with the littlies.