Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Autumn Baskets

Hello Everyone,

I guess I accomplished more last week that I thought I did. It is never to early to start thinking about Fall. I know, I know, the first day of Summer was just last week, but still, if you start now, you'll have everything done to start decorating for Fall when September rolls around.  On September 1st, without a doubt, I bring out the Fall decorations and they stay up through Thanksgiving.

The blocks were more of an experiment than an actual project.  But, they may grow into a new project when I'm not looking.  I had a brainstorm the other day when I was driving across town, and when I got home, I immediately started calculating the size square I would need to make 8 half-square triangles at one time.  The unfinished measurement of the half-square triangle is 1-1/4".  (In case you didn't notice, the little plaid strip across the top of the basket is a flange......of course!)

Then I started to calculate the size square I would need to make to frame the block.  So I made three blocks then cut them in half diagonally and stitched them to the basket.  I like the end result.  I will probably make a table runner out of the completed blocks, or maybe three pillows.  The blocks finish at 13-1/4", so if I make pillows I'll add another border to make them at least 16" square.

This is a bit of diversion from my normal 'style'.....even though I'm not sure that I've developed my own style yet.  This is more of a traditional baskets meets a modern frame.  This could be the start of Christmas presents for the daughter's-in-law....but I'm not telling!

Rain is in our sunny California forcast today.  Rain in June is almost unheard of in this part of the country.  Such crazy weather, but it's great quilting weather! 

As always,



  1. Very clever! I like the way you framed the basket blocks and the choice of colors is beautiful!

  2. I just love these baskets ! The fabrics you chose are Gorgeous!

  3. These are great! I love the scrappy background and of course love that half-square handle! Perfect for fall or anytime.

  4. I love this design! I have the day off work today and am going to enjoy the rainy day to do a little sewing myself! That was unexpected, but back to summer by Friday.

  5. Prettiest baskets I've seen in a long time, Lynn! I love your clever handle, too! Don't you just love ideas that come to you in the oddest of places?

  6. Love the baskets.....I've been wanting to do a basket quilt for a long time.

  7. What clever handles - no bias strips to applique!