Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ten Days Before.......

Hello Everyone,

Today is a re-run from a post on June 19, 2009.  This is my favorite and most heartfelt post that I've written since I've been blogging.  Some of you may remember it, but it will be new to most of you.  With all of the summer's bounty of fresh fruit available, and due to the fact that I'm so busy getting ready for company, I think this is a perfect time for a re-run.  After all, summer is full of re-runs on television so why not on blogs too?  Enjoy "Ten Days Before"....and as always.....


Yesterday, we bought a crate of peaches at Costco. (I could have said we bought them at our local Farmer's Market in downtown Livermore)...but Costco it was. Some friends are coming over for dinner tonight so I decided to make a fresh peach pie.

I turned to my extensive cookbook collection, (I need all the help I can get), and the first book I opened was The Modern Family Cookbook with a copyright date of 1947. The book belonged to my mom and I  remember seeing it in her house for years. I turned the cover over and saw that my father had given it to my mother and had written three little words, "Ten days before....." It's a good thing my mother had written in (wedding) so that I would know what my father was talking about 61 years later!
Yes, this was Harley's gift to his bride-to-be, Edith in 1948. I turned to page 624 to a recipe for Fresh Peach Pie. The page had been turned down and it was comforting to know that my mom had made this very same recipe....who knows how long ago.

So I started making the pie, first slicing the peaches, then rolling out the dough on the enamel top on my Hoosier. The top always stays cool and is an excellent surface for rolling cookies and pie crusts.

The whole time I was making the pie, I was thinking about my parents. Then I started thinking about how our lives and life stories are interwoven like the lattice on the pie.

While it was baking (wish you had smell-o-vision) I was writing this posting.

Today, I made a pie. Not just any pie, but a pie from of an old family cookbook given in love. I also felt that it was a gift from my father for me to enjoy 6 decades later.....even though it was just "Ten Days Before."

As always,



  1. A very sweet post!! I wonder what today's brides would think if the groom gave her a cook book? My how times have changed!! I liked it better back then...
    Thanks for sharing...again!!!

  2. Oh, Lynn! What a touching re-run -- just like Hallmark re-runs, I have tears in my eyes! I bet that peach pie was yummy, too! Enjoy your break. . but don't be away too long -- we'd miss you!

  3. That's a lovely story. I bet the peach pie tasted extra special too.

  4. I see why you love this post so much, Lynn! It's a beautiful, heartfelt remembrance! Your dad was such a thoughtful groom! Thanks so much for this!