Saturday, June 11, 2011

Quilt Along Post #3

Hello Again!

This is the last post of the day. So what do you think? Should I stop here or make more blocks to make this quilt large enough for a queen-size bed? It would look fabulous up at the cabin this winter.  Festive but not too festive.  Christmasy but not too Christmasy.  I'm inclined to make it six blocks across by eight down.  I'm going to have to measure the bed and then decide.  I can just picture it with a red or green dust ruffle and matching pillow shams.  Oh my, what work I make for myself!  But, this is why I started to quilt.  I wanted to make each bedroom look like you just walked into a Bed & Breakfast Inn for the weekend.  Another thought, (I'm talking to myself at the computer), do I have enough background fabric to pull this off?  Back to the design wall I go.

The last two blocks of the day.

This part is for TINA.  The rest of you can read it if you want's up to you.  Tina, I can't answer your question directly since your comment is a "no reply" status.  This block is called Gold Rush.   The pattern will be available once I decide to knuckle down and finish the writing and have someone do a pattern test.  Are you interested in being a pattern tester?  Is anyone out in blogland interested in being a pattern tester?  (I knew everyone would read this part)!  Please send an email to:  if you are interested in making this pattern....even if you just make a block or two to see if my directions are perfectly clear to any level of quilter.

It is only 7pm, yet I feel as though I've sequestered myself away from Mr. Joe and Zinny long enough today.  Have a good night everyone.

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  1. This quilt is STUNNING!!! Absolutely love it!!

  2. I'd be a pattern tester for you---do I supply my own fabric? Color ways? Let me know.


  3. It really is beautiful, and yes, I can see it as a winter bed quilt. (In my house!)

  4. Your quilt is going to be just fabulous! I'd love to be a pattern tester for you! Such fun! I'm willing if I can help!

  5. The blocks are super - and the sashing sets them off a treat!

  6. Blocks are absolutely gorgeous together. Quilt is stunning. My vote is for a queen size too.

  7. Beautiful quilt, I hope you are able to make the queen size. Well worth the work

  8. gorgeous quilt. I love those warm colors. I also love your plaid collection. I need to sort mine and see what I have. They add so much to a quilt. I also have a polka dot collection. We quilters sure do love our fabric.

  9. I would love to test your pattern! Just adorable!