Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Watering Can

Hello Everyone,

Here is a little bouquet of sunshine on this dreary, rainy day in sunny California.  Oh yes, I forgot to mention the hail too.  Perfect weather for quilting instead of being out in the sunshine working in the garden.  I had to resort to creating my own garden inside.  This is a much cleaner way to dirt under my fingernails.  (Just an occasional spot of glue.)

I thought I would snap a picture before I fill this full of pins.

This will be the permanent place for the watering can for all eternity.  I think it is going to like it there!  If you are interested in joining the Party in the Garden Block of the Month, go HERE for all of the details at ThimbleCreek quilt shop in Concord, CA.

It is 38 degrees here this morning.  Is it June or Juneuary?  The storms just keep rumbling across the state and up into the mountains.  Snowflake Lodge is open for the summer, but I doubt there has been a soul brave enough to venture in the icy cold lake for a dip.  I'm ready for summer, but somehow along the way we lost our Spring.

I'll just stay inside and create my own rays of sunshine today.....I hope you can do the same.

As always,


P.S. TINA, please send me your email so I can answer your questions regarding the block of the month.  


  1. Our day isn't much better, Lynn - pouring rain and 20 degrees below normal! I love the watering can - and who can't love dirt-less gardening!

  2. Just love your little watering can ! Where is our sunny california anyway , what is up with all of this rain. I can't complian thought at least mother nature is watering my gardesn and not me.