Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Scrappy Leaves Part 2

Hello Everyone,

It is never too early to start making an Autumn quilt. It doesn't matter if you finish it for Autumn 2011 or 2012!  Yesterday I taught the last session of the Scrappy Leaves quilt at In Between Stitches.  The design is from the Maple Leaf Quilts book by Ilene Bartos.

Doesn't Cindy's leaf look like it is being tossed around by a gentle breeze?

Row number one is almost done.  Cindy is ready to do some power sewing since she is so organized with her fabric selections for the remaining rows.

Darla dug right in and selected all of her fabrics for the first two rows.  From this..... this by the end of class.  Darla is a very experienced and talented machine quilter.  I'm so anxious to see how she quilts this beauty.

Chris worked hard on her blocks over the past few weeks and has four beautiful rows sewn together.

She has all of her fabrics selected for the last two rows and is very organized too!

Pat came all the way out from Mississippi to take my class!  NOT, she was here attending the the high school graduation for one of her grandchildren.  Pat made this beautiful block with great colors running through her leaf.
Here are Pat's leaves so far.
Suzanne, Pat's daughter, made lots of good progress on her quilt.
Spectacular leaf!

This leaf was made by Ann.  Isn't this something?
Here are Ann's leaves so far.  She has everything cut out and is ready to do her power sewing too!

Believe me, this is a fun quilt to make.  The blocks become addicting and you'll just want to keep making more and more of them.  The classroom was beautifully decorated with all of the fabulous leaves.  We had shoppers drift in and out of the classroom all day long.  They seemed to be drawn in by the incredible colors on the design wall.

Thank you girls for creating such beauty that will travel from the classroom right into your home, providing years of enjoyment from your Scrappy Leaves quilt.

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