Wednesday, June 8, 2011

It's Almost Christmas Quilt-A-Long Time

Hello Everyone,

I was getting all of my projects out for the Christmas Quilt Along which is this Saturday, and I just couldn't help myself....I made two blocks.  I don't think it is against the rules to work on your Christmas quilt on a non-quilt-a-long day.....I don't think the Christmas police are going to come and slap the cuffs on me!

Prints, checks, plaids, polka dots....oh my!!  What more could I add to the mix?

This is a work in progress that only makes it to my design wall once a month.  I make a few blocks, then pack it away again.  I actually sorted all of the fabric in the closet, and started auditioning fabric for the borders.  Had I not gone on this organizational "spree", I would not have remembered this wonderful Christmas print that came out several years ago.  So the moral of this your stash first.

It is very hard to stay inside and quilt this week.  We've actually seen the sun for three days in a row after record breaking rain for the month of June.  Busy weekend ahead with our grandson's 8th grade graduation, the big rodeo comes to town, Quilt Guild meeting and the Christmas Quilt A Long.  I have to make some choices.....hmmmmmm..... 

Here's to everyone having lots of choices in their life.....from fabric to fun things to do.

As always,



  1. This is going to be beautiful! It already is but it will be a knock out when finished.I love how the inner red or green squares make diagonal stripe. Love it!

  2. This is a wonderful Christmas Quilt! Is the quilt along still open...could I join? Nope...I don't think there are any Quilt Police looking for those who make extra blocks on a non-quiltalong day... =D


    if you finish a quilt would you want to enter in the FYPChallenge on my blog? Every finish is a chance to win a $30 gift certificate. =D

  3. I love this! I was just looking at some new fabrics at the Fat Quarter Shop this morning and love the new one by 3 Sisters...hmmm, you may have given me a reason to buy some!

  4. I just love this Xmas quilt ! The fabrics are just too perfect ! I agree ! It is hard to be inside sewing when we are finally having sunshine skies and SPRING here in california.

  5. Gorgeous! Blocks look so pretty all together!

  6. This is going to be such a happy Christmas quilt, Lynn! I've been shopping in my stash, too - what fun when you find fabrics you forgot you had! Sounds like our area is on the same "plane" as yours - we got all of June's rain in one day - eek! Have with all those great events!

  7. Quilt police? Where? I'll stick 'em with pins! Great blocks.

  8. Nope, no quilt police - I've got them all under lock and key here! This is a gorgeous quilt, which I am sure is going to be my christmas present.