Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer School

Hello Everyone,

I have had a busy and rewarding week. Tuesday was the second session of The House on Edgewood Lane class.  It was an incredibly warm day outside, but the classroom was nice and cool while the girls worked on their sweatshop here!

Barbara is making her version from her collection of brights.

She says that she is not a scrappy type of quilter and this quilt was taking her out of her comfort level.  But, she looks comfortable to me making a scrappy quilt!

This quilt has an appliqued house in the center.  Barbara is making an applique design from a picture of her husband's family home.  I drew the home for her and she is making the applique.  It has been a little tricky, but it is going to be a nice representation of the 1920's home in the little community of Port Costa, California.

Another Barbara displayed some of her festive blocks.  I have some of the same candy cane material in my stash that I use sparingly.  I don't want to use it up since it is just the perfect size and scale.

She made good progress on her appliqued cottage.

Ann was doing some power sewing and all of her little combinations from the Arnold's Attic fabric collection went from this...... this by the end of the afternoon.

Cindy worked on her house and actually started stitching the cute pieces to the background fabric.

Lisa's house is all set and ready to be stitched and will be nestled between these......

.....beautiful blocks.  Lisa is becoming the "Flange Queen" and put a wonderful little green flange on all of her setting triangles.  Stinkin' cute Lisa!

Great job ladies!  All of your quilts are going to be fabulous.  You make my day when I  see how you take my pattern, add your creative touches, and make it your own. 

As always,



  1. My goodness, what talented students, all! My kind of summer school for sure, Lynn!

  2. There's some great looking quilts taking shape there. I love the idea that one student is, with your help, making a version of her family home.