Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Swags and Yo-Yo's

Hello Everyone,

Yesterday I made a bunch of these yo-yo's.  I still have more to make.

Then I made a bunch of these swags.  I still have more to make.

.....and they are going to go together like this.  Is it a border?  You'll just have to wait and find out what I'm up to next while I'm playing in Toyland.

While I've been engrossed in Toyland, Mr. Joe fixed his car.  Miss Vicky is now tucked safe and sound in her garage much to her, and our relief. 

Years ago, our son bought a brand spanking new truck and parked it in front of the cabin.  A bear used the truck's back quarter panel for leverage while raiding the garbage can.  The brand spanking new truck ended up with a large bear behind dent in the back quarter panel.  Our son was not happy with the wildlife at Wilder's Last Resort.  He has since forgiven the bear, and he still has the truck.  So much for the bear-proof garbage can cage!




  1. Whoa - that fabric is making awesome yo-yo's!

  2. The old song Toyland is running through my mind, Lynn! Love the swags - oh, so clever! So I have one question - is the bear rump still imprinted on your son's truck or did he get it smoothed out? They are indeed clever little devils!

  3. I love the swag with the yo yo's... You are so clever ;-)

  4. I like the fabric you used for the yo yos. they seem to swirl.
    I would be upset with the bear too.

  5. Such cute yo- yo's...but stay safe and away from those bears!

  6. I'm glad Miss Vicky's better - is eh fixing the computer for you now?

    Those swags and yo yos. I think they're going to be part of the top of a merry go-round. (I think you call them carousels?)

  7. Oh I love your yo-yo's, what fabric line did they come from? Wow my DH would die to see the bear outside his driveway. He's always looking for one when we go into the mountains. LOL
    Vicki R