Monday, July 9, 2012

Getting Serious

Hello Everyone,

It is time to get serious, and finish up Toyland Tree, my new design for Christmas. As of yesterday, I can put the bear in the finished column.  I tried to applique during the car show, but the wind kept blowing the thread into I gave up and finished this last night while watching Longmire.  I love that show.  Don't tell Mr. Joe, but I'm in love with Sheriff Longmire.....very James "Garnerish".

Okay all you appliquers out there listen up, I need your input.  I put a swatch sheet together by scanning each fabric that I used to make the bear.  Is this something that you would like to see included in the pattern?  Right now I just use it when I'm making kits at the shop.  I'm wondering if this would help in selecting your own fabrics and act as a fabric shopping guide.  The main issue is that it would drive up the cost of the pattern due to extra pages, and color toner.  What are your thoughts out in blogland?  Would you be willing to pay more if something like this was included in the pattern? 

Of course my plans for last week changed.  I wanted to quilt October Magic, but I couldn't string a large enough block of time together to get it started.  I don't like to leave quilts rolled up on my quilting machine for very long.  It makes them wrinkly and out of sorts......just like me!

I'm off to the shop this morning for my normal work day.  Tomorrow is my Sew'n Wild Oaks drop-in class at the shop.  I'll be surrounded by quilters and fabric for two solid days!  What could be better?  Well.....chocolate of course.

For the past four years I've been signing off with "as always".  Today marks a change to something new.  "Soon"....I'll be with you before long.




  1. I think it's really a cool option - But personally, I'm cheap. I'd rather have a really high quality cover photo than to have the swatch sheets. Besides that, I tend to go out on my own when it comes to colors... so for me, I'd say leave it out - Either way - it's looking wonderful!

  2. Hi Lynn... The bear is sweet.. You are way ahead of me on working on Christmas thing... But, I am working on a quilt for my grandson for Christmas...Hugs :)

  3. The bear is adorable. I can't wait to see the entire quilt.

    Have fun at the shop! Quilters and fabric = bliss. :-)

  4. I'm not an applique-er, as you know, but I would say that the photo you include on the front of your patterns is good quality and will help just as much, I reckon.

  5. I think it's a great idea! It helps us achieve "your look" with our own fabrics.

  6. I would love the swatch sheet included. I like to plan and coordinate everything before I begin and would generally make such a swatch sheet for myself if it wasn't included. I would pay extra for that!

    1. Dear Mother Buzzard (love the name) you are a 'no reply' status, so I can't respond to your comment through email. Thank you so much for your input. I'm gathering all comments and emails, and I'll decide what I'm going to do about the swatch sheet. Take care, Lynn

  7. What could be better but "Soon" Great idea! Lots of the ladies in our guild years ago made a block for a lady that was leaving the area and I appliqued a cowboy (she had sold her ranch) I wrote under the little cowboy "Until we meet again" Fun!
    Love your bear.... I really love little bears.... That's the kid in me I guess?

  8. I like swatch sheets in general, but I also think just indicating whether a fabric should be dark, light or medium helps, unless it doesn't matter. Teddy Bear's a cutie.

  9. I like the idea, Lynn. I never look at what a pattern costs - if it's something I want to make, then it goes in my cart!

  10. Lynn, your bear is adorable, and I love the idea of a swatch sheet, although I usually change things up to make things my own. Have fun playing with new fabrics at the store.

  11. I love soon...I think a good color pic On front of pattern is ok.
    Susan Vicary

  12. Hi Lynn, I think a good picture on the cover is all that's really needed. I love picking out fabrics so as long as a good picture is available thats great. Can't wait for the patterns. Debbie