Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sew'n Wild Oaks Class is in Session

Hello Everyone,

I only have time for a very quick post this morning of yesterdays Sew'n Wild Oaks drop-in class at In Between Stitches.  We are headed out to all points north early this morning.

I had a full house yesterday.  Cindy is working on her House on Edgewood Lane quilt.  This is the second one she's made.  Both of them are delightful.

Paula made these adorable little flowers for her baskets for Party in the Garden.  So cute, so small.  Take a look at her fussy cut leaves too.

Evelynne has five of her blocks together for Summer's Blush/Winter's Warmth quilt and she completed some more parts and pieces yesterday.

Louise has her very colorful blocks for Heartfire.  Love the colors.

Sylvia concentrated on many hourglass sections for her Madrigal quilt.  She was totally focused for the whole day.

You will be able to see my sister's quilt with the borders on in two weeks for our class on the 25th.  She'll get all the sewing finished then we'll start the scalloping process.  Stay tuned to see this one!

Kaye is working on Sally's Quilt from Bonnie Blue.  She is getting her borders and flange on also. Kaye is making two of these beauties.

Kathy is down to her final block, the house, for Party in the Garden.  We ooohhhed and awwwed over this one.

Our friend Carole, slipped away from this earth all too soon.  Carole was in the process of making this quilt, and she added little hearts to her garden gate.  Kathy decided to follow Carole's idea and put hearts on her gate too.  So we are calling this Carole's block.

Colleen just happened to stop by the classroom and showed us her finished quilt.  Colleen pulled this quilt together of her treasured dog from a photograph.  It was incredible!  Unfortunately, Collen's pet crossed over the rainbow bridge last Friday.

On to cheerier news.  Did I mention that Louise takes good care of us and brings in homemade desserts?  Here is what we feasted on after lunch....carmelly apple cake.  Click HERE for a link to the recipe.  Louise let me take a piece home for Mr. Joe.  He loved it Louise!

I realized too late that I didn't take pictures of Isabel's pinwheels or Carol's hexy flowers.  I get too caught up in the beauty in the room.....from the quilts, to the blocks, to the beautiful ladies.  What a joy you are!




  1. I do love seeing all the different colorways of your quilts, Lynn! I know I sound like a broken record, but talent abounds in your group! Can't wait to see Gail's finish, too!

  2. Wow! what pretty projects everyone is working on. thanks for sharing the inspiration.

  3. Wow! That pretty much cinches it! Party In The Garden is just gonna have to come home with me when we come down! and Buttonwood...and...and...oh good grief!!!

    1. You made me laugh Nancie Anne!

    2. Just linked to your Autumn blog entry with the batik maple leaf quilt! Wonderful! I love maple leaf and bear paw blocks & I have this big ol' box of batiks sitting here...of course I'd have to stick in a pumpkin or two or three somewhere...I feel an inspiration coming on! And THEN! I scrolled down and saw the darling little hexie flowers on Summers Blush...I'm a goner!

    3. You aren't a goner Nancie Anne, you just have a large quilting bucket list!