Friday, July 27, 2012

The Traveling Quilts

Hello Everyone,

Today I'm going to post a virtual quilt show. Two of my quilts will be on display in The Quilt House booth at the International Quilt Festival in Long Beach, CA starting today.  Since I can't be at two shows at once, I'll post everything together in one spot.

Madrigal Center Section

My original Madrigal quilt

Party in the Garden #2
The next five quilts will be on display at the Pinetree Quilters Guild show in Augusta, ME in The Christmas Shoppe's booth this weekend.  Next weekend they will be on display in Harwich, MA at the Bayberry Quilt Guild show in The Christmas Shoppe's booth.

The House on Edgewood Lane

Summers Blush

The original Party in the Garden

The original Country Charmer

Madrigal #2

I hope you enjoyed the show.  I miss my quilts while they are out on the road, working hard and earning their keep. One of these days, I'll have all of the quilts back home and together in one place.

Today I'm working on pattern directions for October Magic and more pillows. I can't make enough of the pillows!  I also have to get some applique blocks together to stitch while watching the Olympics.  I LOVE the Olympics and I'll be glued to the TV for the next two weeks.  I love to learn about the host country and the stories behind the athletes. It fascinates me.




  1. Hi Lynn,
    I have to tell you that the Christmas Shoppe Booth is one of my all time favourite booths at the Road to California!! Her quilts are incredible...always tons of quilters in the booth with long line-ups!! Her displays are amazing!! Your quilts will be a hit and the patterns/fabric are going to go fast!!

  2. So cool that your quilts are such travelers!!! Understandable that you would miss them!!! They are all gorgeous quilts!

  3. BEE.U.TEE.FUL!!!!

    Cheery wave from

  4. They are all treasures. You put so much into them. I think I would worry about them, as well as miss them.

  5. Wow Lynn, your quilts are beautiful!!

  6. Kudos to you and your beatiful quilts. One is more spectacular than the other. You are an inspiration.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment Kathy. I sincerely appreciate it.
      You are a 'no reply' status, so I can't send you a personal email.
      Take care,

  7. Oh wow Lynn, they are all so beautiful...and your quilting is to die for.
    I would miss them too..

  8. Dear Lynn,
    Your work is spectacular! From the pattern, to the fabric and color choices and then the perfect. I'm sorry these shows are not near me I would love to see them in person. I'll also be glued to the tv and am loving watching the opening of the Olympics, amazing production.
    Thank you so much for the inspiration!
    Susan Vicary

  9. OH, they are all so beautiful.

  10. Beautiful quilts, Lynn. Thank you so much for giving us a show.

  11. You have such great talent my friend! I really enjoyed the show!! thanks! ~karen

  12. Hi Lynn--I found your blog from "Happy Appliquer"--wow--that "Madrigal" quilt is beautiful--they all are, but that is my favorite. I just love that old-fashioned basket in the center..Julierose

  13. I'm glad you can be at the Long Beach show, Lynn! We're on the East coast now and under heavy thunderstorms, heat and humidity!

  14. Lovely quilts, Lynn. Thank you for showing them. I'm a new follower. I especially like the Garden Party. Please come over and visit at Prairie Cottage Corner and follow us. I'd love to keep in touch. Kathie in Odessa, WA