Monday, July 16, 2012

Piecemakers Quilt Guild Show

Hello Everyone,

Yesterday, Mr. Joe and I went to the Piecemakers Quilt Show in Newark, CA.  Their guild made Party in the Garden as their opportunity quilt.

All of the applique flowers in my original design were replaced with ruching.  They looked very pretty.

The bottom hexy flowers were replaced with this cute bunny scene.

Again, it is so much fun for me to see my design made by someone else.  The Piecemakers made this quilt their own and it is lovely. 

We almost didn't make it to the show because of this.....Miss Vicky became a "trailer queen" yesterday.  Classic cars are either a driver, or they are trailered everywhere.  Miss Vicky is a driver.  She has never failed us on our adventures up and down the state of California until yesterday.  I know what Mr. Joe is going to be doing this week. 

More on this story tomorrow.  It's a long one and I have to go to the shop this morning.  If you don't hear from me, it's because my computer is acting up.  It needs to be taken in for a thorough going over.  If I'm silent for a few days, just know that I'm working on my projects and I'll have lots and lots to show on the blog.




  1. Oh no, poor Miss Vickie. Perhaps you should have put your computer in the car and that could be towed away and fixed too?

  2. What an interesting make on your design, Lynn! I've never seen ruching used for flowers - clever! Poor Miss Vicky! I hope you weren't stranded long, and if you were that you had plenty of chocolate for sustenance and something to drink! Good luck on the computer repairs!

  3. Poor Miss Vicky, what a blow to her self esteem. Hope she is back to her "old" self soon.

  4. Very interesting to see how your design is customized! Sorry Miss Vicki is ailing, as is your computer. But we will be patient until you return! Have fun with your projects!