Friday, July 20, 2012

Pillow Talk #2

Hello Everyone,

One pillow completed, one more to go.

I haven't used my Bernina to machine quilt in years.  All I wanted to do was some stitching in the ditch on this pillow and I thought I can do it!  First a practice session.  It was just like riding a bike, it all came back to me......even the ache across the shoulders while quilting.

So under the needle went the pillow for real.

Here's the back....pretty simple.

I used the post card fabric for the pillow backing.  I don't think I should have used a light fabric.  I don't like the fact that you can see some of the backing from the front of the pillow. Back to the drawing board!  But I love this post card fabric.

I also made the backing for October Magic yesterday.  I had two blocks that I made months ago in Autumn colors and never used them on the I saved them for the back.  Maybe THIS week I'll have enough time to get it on the machine and quilted!

Tomorrow we'll be at Ruby Hill Winery for the day.  My hubby will have a booth showcasing the items he makes out of wine barrels.  From barrel bars, to game boards, he's busy in his workshop from dawn to dusk, crafting his items.  If you live locally, stop on by for a great winery experience.




  1. What a great finish ! I love that postcard fabric you used for the backing. Have fun at the winery this weekend , stay cool it is supposed to be a hot one .

  2. You are a quilting pro!!! No matter what machine! Looks awesome! Oh, I remember those shoulder aches as soon as you mentioned it!!

  3. Oh do I remember those shoulder aches, Lynn! Looks like you haven't forgotten a thing about quilting on your Bernina! I have to admit I ordered one of the Christmas card panels from this line in anticipation that you'll be writing the pattern ;>)
    Have fun at the winery!

  4. Love your is gorgeous! It would be nice if there was a tutorial...just saying...

  5. Do you know who makes the post card fabric? I would love to find some for my father, who collects old pastcards.

  6. thanks for sharing..