Thursday, July 5, 2012

More Blue Ribbons!

Hello Everyone,

The Needle Nellies of Georgeotown, version of Party in the Garden, is a blue ribbon winner again and again!  I received an email from Susan, one of the Needle Nellies.  Here is what she said,

"Your lovely Party in the Garden, our opportunity quilt, has won a first place for "Pieced and Appliqued Quilt" at the Foothill Quilters' Guild Show (Auburn, CA) and a first place for "Group Quilt" at the El Dorado County Fair (Placerville, CA)!" 

I was so thrilled to read this.  You would have thought we had our own personal fireworks show right in my office!

I told you in a couple of posts ago, that I had a very big date coming up.  Well, it is time to share the news with all of you.  I've been asked to be the featured artist at the Needle Nellies quilt show in Georgetown, CA on September 15th!  I will be sharing the spotlight with Robert Callaham.  I've admired Robert's quilts and designs for years.  I can't believe that my quilts and I will be in such esteemed company! 

Click HERE to find out how you can purchase a ticket to win this quilt, that will directly benefit the Georgetown Volunteer Fire Department.

I'm trying to get a few more projects finished for a BIG reveal at the Georgetown quilt show in September.  I'm making my lists and checking it twice to figure out how I can finish as many things as I think I can in a short period of time.  September will be here in two shakes of a lambs tail and I have to get cracking!

When I started down the quilt pattern design road three years ago, I had absolutely no idea where this would take me.  My original thought was that it would monetarily supplement my retirement.....I was wrong.  I was not planning on the intangibles.....the feeling of making a difference.  The tremendous satisfaction that comes when someone makes one of my patterns.  The thoughtful and heartfelt emails and comments, the pictures you send me, the friendships, and the hugs at the shop and in classes.  Thank you all for inspiring ME!

As always,



  1. Congratulations Lynn! Love your quilts. Linda

  2. OWWWW! What wonderful news, all around. So exciting, and so deserving.I can hardly wait to hear and see more of this opportunity.

  3. Incredible news!!! Congratulations! All the blue ribbons and accolades are definitely well deserved.

  4. Congratulations on your 'blues' and your featured artist spot! Well deserved! You are a talented, gifted person...and very kind. How exciting!!

  5. Congratulations on the blue ribbons and the featured artist recognition. They will be lucky to have you!

  6. Woohoo. Well done you on the Blue Ribbons, but also on the honour of being a featured artist. That's brilliant news and very well deserved.

  7. It's a beautiful quilt and especially so with three ribbons attached to it. Your quilt designs are truly lovely. Congrats on the Featured Artist designation. It's well deserved from I sit.

  8. Congrats to you!
    And wow! look at all those ribbons. I am sure they were proud.

  9. Congratulations to you Lynn on both achievements! You're one talented quilter! I'm so happy for you!

  10. Congratulations Lynn ! You are my favorite quilt designer. You are a true inspirations to all of us ! That quilt is amazing and just look at all those blue ribbons ! WOW! Great news about Georgetown ! You so deserve all of this !!!

  11. My My that should be no surprise... Your work in my eyes is always OUT STANDING AND ABOVE THE CALL OF BEAUTIFUL! I love watching your work in progress, don't for get! I'm the little mouse in your pocket always watching you and your lovely work.
    Happy Days for You again... You are the QUEEN!
    Georgertown quilters are in for such great show!
    Quiltingly Yours, Crissie

  12. Wow. You always have surprises on your blog don't you? Great, A+++ news on the quilt and how wonderful that you'll be a guest speaker. I'm certain it will be a great time. Travel Safely.

  13. Congratulations on the success of your design and for being honored by the Needle Nellies! So glad you posted it! Since your post we have decided to try to adjust our travel plan & travel Friday to visit daughter so we can take the show in. First stop Quilt House in Gardnerville then on to Sac to see the Lovebirds! Third stop, Needle Nellies to purchase raffle tickets and enjoy the show! I'm truly excited to have the opportunity to see your works gathered together and in person.

    1. Dear Nancie Anne,
      I'm looking forward to meeting you Nancie Anne! Have you been to The Quilt House? It is a fabulous shop with a wonderful selection of fabric. The show in Georgetown is only on Saturday, Sept. 15th. I'm so happy that you are going to work it into your travel plans. I'm honored!
      Take care, Lynn

    2. Went to Quilt House on our way down last Sept and regret not picking up a couple of patterns. Amongst the plans for the remainder of the week are wedding dress shopping and visiting In Between Stitches and Quilting In The Garden. Watch out for a small furry redhead named Maecee! We say she's our miniature Irish Setter but she's actually a long coat Doxie!
      See you soonish! Nancy