Wednesday, July 25, 2012

October Magic is Quilted!

Hello Everyone,

Finally, the quilting is finished. The binding is almost done. Now what do I do with my time?  Well......finish the directions for starters. I'm putting kits together for this quilt, and they will be available at the shop in a couple of weeks.

I wanted the front yard to look like an overgrown garden needing some attention.  So I quilted pumpkin vines growing everywhere.  I didn't put any quilting in the tree, and it achieved an interesting look.

My HandiQuilter came through like a charm for me again.  I love my machine!  It just purrs along for me.  I cranked up the speakers on the computer and listened to 80's rock music on Pandora the whole time I quilted.  I listened to Boston, Kansas, Journey, Queen, and Foreigner just to name a few.  Sometimes I listen to light classical, but I needed to 'rock out' on this quilt.

Quilting around the pebbles on the walkway makes it look so real.

There is a wonderful park just south of town called Sycamore Grove.  It is one of our favorite walking routes and close to our home.  Once the binding is finished, we are thinking about taking the quilt there for a photo session in the old Sycamore trees.  It will look spooky....but not too spooky.

I'm off to the shop today for the last session of Madrigal.  I know how hard the girls have been working, and I look forward to seeing them and their quilts.




  1. Oh Lynn, your quilting is just GORGEOUS, as well as the quilt top!! You have the wonderful ability to take a quilt top that is wonderful and make it even more wonderful with your quilting. I vote that you give classes on quilting!!

  2. Squeals of happiness here, Lynn! You really made October Magic dance with the quilting! It looks so much like the Squash House! Be sure to let me know when the kits are available!

  3. Well done! the quilting on the side walk is fun and all the detail is so fun to look at.

  4. OMG!!! This quilt is AMAZING ! You've done it again Lynn ! LOVE IT !

  5. Oh Lynn! That is amazing!! You never cease to amaze me with your piecing and quilting skills.

  6. You did it again Lynn...another gorgeous quilt.
    I love the quilting, just the tree, looks so real and stands out beautifully.
    Julia ♥

  7. I love love love it. I was sitting here all amazed and calling everyone that would listen to me to come see it. Wow is all that's left to say.


  8. Sycamore trees will be perfect setting. Hey, how big is this one?

  9. Lynn I just love this quilt. It really is amazing and such fun. I can't decide if the witch, ghost or spider are may favourite bits.