Monday, July 30, 2012

Sentiments Panel Blocks

Hello Everyone,

And you thought I was playing hooky since I didn't post for a couple of days!  Well,  I was saving all of my pictures for today's post.  I'm naming this quilt/wall hanging Nostalgic Christmas.  The vintage cards are definitely a yearning for the simpler times of the past.  Don't worry, I'm still making pillows from this 18" block.  My vision has just expanded beyond pillows to a small/medium quilt.

This is my favorite block.  I love the combination of the pink, green and brown.  This block is perfect!  Just the right balance of colors.

This is my least favorite block.  I tell my students to never give up on a block.  Put it aside and see if it works with the whole design.  It may not be able to stand on its own two feet, but it might play well with others.  This block may be relegated to pillow status.

I like the red, brown and green block.  The polka dots are just right.

I love this block from the center picture to the plaid and polka dots.

I think they are going to play well together. But the verdict is still out on the gold block.  I'll see what happens when I make a few more to add to the quilt stew.  I haven't thought about sashing or borders yet.....but I know I'll find something.

I have the directions written for the block, but now I have to figure out the rest of the quilt.  This is definitely going to be a work in progress. So sit back and hold on while I struggle think my way through this one. I have to incorporate as many plaids and polka dots as I can, two different plaids per block.....and of course there is a flange! You know I can't make a quilt without a flange.




  1. Love your blocks! Every one is so beautiful with your fabric combinations.

  2. So neat with those cards in the centers.

  3. Sooooo beautiful. I keep looking for this fabric with no luck so far...but I love a good excuse to visit many quilt stores.
    Keep on quilting.

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  4. Type "Vintage Christmas Sentiments" into the search box at for three shops that have this fabric.

    (I have just ordered a panel.)

  5. My favorite block is the first one, but they all look terrific.

  6. I love, love, love these blocks, Lynn! They are also helping to cool my mind with their Christmas theme while we swelter in the heat and humidity of the East coast. I keep wanting to click my heels like Dorothy did and get back to less humid surroundings.

  7. These are fabulous Lynn!! I don't know which one is my favorite! All of them!