Friday, December 3, 2021

A Porch View

Hello Everyone,

I love to decorate the front porch every season of the year to extend a warm welcome to visitors before entering Wilder's Last Resort.

The hardest time I have with this layout is that I forget to unplug the lights every night.  Sometimes Mr. Joe will remember to unplug the lights after he takes Mazey out for her last trip to the powder room.

Last night, the fragrance in the air was "eau de skunk" when Mazey was outside.  We had issues in the Spring with skunks, so we put out moth balls which the skunks do not like.  It's time to put them out again.  Mazey was sprayed once, and we will all never forget that experience!  I didn't plant a kiss on her little furry head or snuggle with her for weeks.

Some of you may remember a previous post where I showed holes either from a mouse or a squirrel on one of my quilts hanging on the headboard. I haven't had anything else chew any of my quilts for a few months.  Hopefully the little critters will leave this quilt alone.  The quilt is so old I don't remember the book I made it from or the name of the quilt. 

I remember the chairs when I was growing up in Paradise, so that makes them 70 or 80 years old.  Mr. Joe repainted them a few years back.  They really are quite comfortable, and we enjoy sitting on the porch during nice weather.  It's a bit too chilly right now, so the lighted presents take our place.

Quilts add such a homey feeling to a home.  I can't imagine what the cabin would look like without quilts on display.  I've always said that quilts add an extra layer of insulation to the cabin.  In looking at the 10-day forecast I see snow in our future next week.  Then, and only then, it will begin to look a lot like Christmas.





  1. I never remembered to turn off our lights, especially when my husband traveled. He finally solved the problem by buying a they go on and off at the appropriate times and I don't have to worry about them! Makes my life much easier! Now if I could remember to turn off the battery powered lights on the wreath on the front door...

    1. I do have an extra timer that I will have to use. Thank you for the suggestion!

    2. That's what I was going to say. I have timers on my Christmas lights as well as the back porch lights. Makes it so much easier!

  2. I remember those chairs from the front porch of my Aunts house. They seem to make a come back every few years.

    1. The chairs are classics. One rocks and the other is stationary. I "rock"!!!

  3. Hi Lynn,
    I used this with great success when my Sadie got skunked twice in one week!
    2 small bottles hydrogen peroxide
    1/2 c baking soda
    1 T Dawn

    Put this on your dog BEFORE wetting them down with clear water so this gets into their pores first. If necessary, rinse eyes & mouth with clear water for 10 minutes.

    This worked so well, Sadie slept on the bed both nights.

  4. Grammie had chairs like that, my brother got them. I love the rocking one as well!