Monday, December 6, 2021

O Little Town of Columbia

 Hello Everyone,

Yesterday we were stepping out and stepping back in time to the little town of Columbia, a 19th century mining town in Northern California.  The town's central district is within the Columbia State Historic Park.

The purpose of our trip was to see Meet Me in St. Louis at the vintage playhouse in Columbia.
The radio play was so well done by the Sierra Repertory Theater.  I'm in awe of the actor's ability to sing, dance and memorize thousands of lines delivered in rapid succession.  I can barely memorize two sentences; one is my limit!  If you live locally, treat yourself to a fun afternoon or evening performance for a toe-tapping good time.

We first enjoyed a fun lunch at the Columbia House restaurant.  There was a piano just inside the entrance, and we were delightfully entertained by Roger, during our meal.  Roger looked like he had just stepped out of a mine and plunked himself at the piano.  What a talented man!  Not a sheet of music, the notes just danced out of his fingertips. 

Columbia has been the backdrop for some memorable movies and TV series.  The most famous is High Noon.  Little House on the Prairie, and Death Valley Days are also on the list.  

 The whole family can take a ride in the stagecoach, and you will be sure to be stopped by robbers along the way!  

To those of you who've ordered patterns from my Etsy shop......the mail is so slow they are being delivered by Pony Express!

When we stepped out of the playhouse around 3:30pm, the fog had rolled in and wrapped itself around the town.  We were the point of shivering.  

We headed back to the cabin and enjoyed a meal of chili and cornbread, then recounted the day spent together.  This season give yourself the gift of laughter.  Share a meal with friends.  It can be simple yet memorable.   Joy and laughter shared together is so much sweeter.




  1. I love Columbia! I have some happy memories from there with the kids when they were little. And there used to be a store there that sold fabric (reproduction). Sigh, it was fun!! Hugs, H

    1. I remember you have very fond memories of the candy store! I LOVED the fabric store. I was so sad when it closed.

  2. I spent one of the best summers of my life at that the Fallon House Theatre (when it was being used by the University of the Pacific). Love that little town!

    1. You know that area very well then! There isn't a bad seat in the entire theater. Your summer spent there must have been very memorable.