Friday, December 10, 2021

Return to Toyland

Hello Everyone,

I love putting my Toyland Tree quilt on display every Christmastime.  I feel as though I am returning to Toyland as a child.  𝄞 Once you pass its borders, you can ne'er return again 𝄞 

I think I return to Toyland almost every day while decorating the cabin and spending time with all of my favorite material and "toys" in my sewing room.  Who says we can never return?  I'm living in Toyland each and every day.

The quilt hanging behind the headboard is called Christmas Windows by Brandywine Designs. I made that quilt years and years ago before I started designing.  My Country Courthouse design is on the bed.

I only use wool batting in my quilts.  It gives them added loft and warmth.  It's a good thing they are warm since it is 25 degrees this morning.  The snow we received yesterday is going to be frozen solid this morning.  We will have to be extra careful when we venture outside of the cabin today. Talk about walking on thin ice!  I may have to break out the ice skates that I posted about the other morning.

Remember this as you go about your day.

𝄞 When you've grown up, my dears
And are as old as I
You'll laugh and ponder on the years
That roll so swiftly by, my dears
That roll so swiftly by




  1. Kove the Toyland Tree quilt, but, it's got too much hand applique! Keep enjoying your decorating!