Monday, December 13, 2021

Meals on Wheels

Hello Everyone,

The "Meals on Wheels" table has arrived and is sitting smack dab in the middle of the great room.  After Christmas we will move it into the dining room where the Christmas tree now resides.

My friend Kaaren, thought we should sell tickets and video the delivery of this heavy table.  We live on a hill, and have stairs coming down to the cabin.  I suggested the delivery men should just sit on the table and ride it down the hill to the front door. They weren't too keen on my idea. Two burly men showed up and made quick work of the delivery.  They removed the wheels and brought it down in two sections.  We found out the table was made in India out of mango wood.  I'm sure this well-traveled table has a good story to tell.  

The table was delivered right during the time when we were decorating the cabin, and we had to clear the tubs and bins away before they could get it in the door.

Mr. Joe and I took the legs off the old dining room table and moved it into my sewing room.  It is great having a big workspace directly across from my sewing machine.  I spent a day or two rearranging and clearing a space for it.  Bringing in a new piece of furniture into an already crowded house, has a domino effect.  

I told you in my last post that our son and grandsons were coming for the weekend.  They surprised us with a truckload of wood for Christmas.  It was the best, and most thoughtful gift ever!

In between playing games, and keeping two teenage boys fed, we took Mazey for a walk at the local track.  The boys built a small snowman in the meadow.  By tomorrow, we probably won't be able to get out and drive to the track.  We will have to be content with walking Mazey around the neighborhood.  She, and I will both love that.

It rained most of the night and we received almost an inch of some much-needed rain.  It is supposed to snow for most of today, tonight and tomorrow.  Mr. Joe tuned up the snowblower and bought me a new, ergonomically designed snow shovel. Isn't he thoughtful?  Insert grimace face here!  I will put the shovel to work this week and let you know if it makes my job any easier.



  1. Very nice table! Goes well with your decor in the cabin. Wow! Wood, that is very nice and then you have two teenagers to move and stack it. Guess your son and grandsons didn't get snowed in?

    1. Just as they were packing up and getting ready to leave, we had a few snow flurries. They were so disappointed. But they will be back for several days after Christmas. It's snowing now, and is supposed to snow all day long into the evening.

  2. your home and the table are really neat. This looks like a beautiful place to live

  3. Now that's a quilting space!!!! And that's a snowman if I ever saw one!!! How those two have grown...maybe the snowman will too by the time they come back!!

  4. Love your table on wheels! And to get a table in your sewing space is ideal. Enjoy your family :-)

  5. Enjoy your shove! My husband bought me one for Valentine's Day one year. I still smile when I think about it - you brought a nice memory back to me tonight. We are also getting snow overnight in my area. Snow shovel at the door ready to go.