Saturday, December 11, 2021

A New Madrigal

 Hello Everyone,

This is the center section of my Madrigal quilt.

This is going to be a new version of Madrigal using the A Return to Elegance fabric by Judie Rothermel.  With a big storm looming on the horizon, I wanted to have some hand work ready in case the power goes out.

This is going to be my palette.

My sister made all of the blocks for me to incorporate into the newest version.

Here's my first Madrigal quilt.

Here's my second Madrigal.  I love filling the open space with feathers.

Click HERE for a link to my extensive tutorial on marking a scalloped border. It is much easier than you think it is to measure and mark the scallops.

I'll be working on my applique in front of the fire next week.  This is also where I will be working on Christmas cards.  It will be nice and cozy in front of the fire as the temps are supposed to plummet, and baby it will be cold outside!

One of our sons called yesterday afternoon and wondered what we were doing for the weekend.  He, and two of our grandsons are coming up to the cabin to enjoy the storm.  Secretly, I think they want to get snowed in and miss a few days of school. They will have to go back on Sunday, so they will miss the bulk of the snow. This table is going to be the location of many Monopoly games beginning this afternoon.  We have the National Parks version of Monopoly, and the boys LOVE it.  We play it for so long, we have to combine the money from two sets. They are absolutely cut-throat players.  In the National Parks version, you have tents and lodges instead of houses and hotels.  Park Place and Boardwalk are Yellowstone and Yosemite.  It's a great gift for Monopoly lovers out there.

After our son called, we dashed off to the packed grocery store to stock up for two teenage boys and a grown man.  Everyone is town was there stocking up for the duration of the storm.  I saw the adjusted snow totals this morning, and Arnold is supposed to get 18" of snow from Sunday to Wednesday.  Town will come to a screeching halt except for the people who sled down the main street of town. 

We were supposed to go to Mr. Joe's SIRS (Sons in Retirement) Christmas dinner on Tuesday night.  We received the email yesterday that it's been cancelled.  We could have walked through the snow to get there, as we live close to the Lodge.  I would have looked charming in my Christmas outfit decked out with snow boots!

If you don't hear from me next week, I'll be sitting at the table appliqueing and writing.  Sounds like the perfect storm of activity to me!



  1. I think your latest Madrigal will be beautiful in the Rothermel fabrics. Great "sister act" on the blocks!! Have a great weekend, especially making memories around your new table with your son and grandsons!!!

  2. Your Madrigal quilt is just lovely. Your Monopoly game brought back special memories for me. My oldest brother would get his four siblings up, including me, at 4 in the morning on Christmas morning to play Monopoly until our parents got up. And I remember my brothers being pretty cut throat! We are pretty competitive in games but all in good spirit! Have a wonderful weekend and stay warm.

  3. Maybe it's seeing Madrigal in a new light, or maybe my old brain just got a jump start, but I need to make this...and I bet you know what I'm thinking for the center! I hope you and the boys are safely tucked in the cabin with snow falling, Lynn!